Are we at Nazi-level barbarity in experimentation?

What we believe about the origin of men and women has everything to do with mankind’s destiny – which is our destiny.

If you believe that creation was the result of fortuitous accidents, pieced together over insufferably long time periods, then it is easy to see men and women as experimental white mice. You offend no one but the victim of the experiment, and perhaps the grieving family. You take on no moral guilt, because the universe is simply a grand accident. There is no one to whom you are accountable.

At the polar opposite, you accept the account of Creation in Genesis. Men and women were created by an all-powerful God who left nothing to chance, yet made His creation adaptive to the challenges that it would face over the period of its existence. When you use genetic tools passed on down to children to modify that creation, you are guilty of infringing on what is God’s exclusive territory.

Tell me, then, where is the common ground everyone is urged to find today?

After the horrors of World War II, both on the battlefield and in the concentration camps, humanity pulled back from the brink by holding the Nuremberg trials. The offenses of the Nazi hierarchy, the existence of Jewish concentration camps, and the killing and medical experiments conducted there were deemed Crimes Against Humanity.

Here in America, beginning in 1932 and continuing for 40 years, the Tuskegee study, conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service, “involved blood tests, X-rays, spinal taps and autopsies of the subjects. The goal was to observe the natural history of untreated syphilis in the black population, but the subjects were unaware of this and were simply told they were receiving treatment for bad blood.”

The Nazi element has been covered in great detail by Robert Jay Lifton (“The Nazi Doctors,” Basic Books, 1986). Perhaps your school overlooked it for its reading list. Here are the first four chapter titles:

1. Sterilization and the Nazi Biomedical Vision
2. ‘Euthanasia’: Direct Medical Killing
3. Resistance to Direct Medical Killing
4. ‘Wild Euthanasia’: The Doctors Take Over

Is there anything to suggest that our nation, perhaps in partnership with China, is not now on this same path? Over the past few decades, how many of us thought that evil would just go away, if we ignored it? How many of us still think that today? How many pastors neglected to teach on a “touchy” subject that might reduce the size of their church? Pro-life Christians have been carrying the torch for all of us this entire time, to our shame.

When Satan’s coup against God failed, he took a third of the angels along with him. It looks like they’ve all been busy here on planet earth. The persecution and censorship of Jews and Christians is always a leading indicator of where what is left of our culture is headed: In the world’s view, other religions are fine, because they have no power over Satan’s war against humanity and human freedom, including the freedom to worship Jesus Christ, who alone has power over this darkness.

Is there anyone else who believes that we are firmly in Nuremberg territory now? Babies are aborted, and everything from dead tissue to the live baby are eagerly purchased by medical laboratories for human experimentation. Tax dollars pay for the abortions; the provider gets the blood money from the sale of the innocent. It was never about “choice,” was it? It was always about access to the product. How is that different from what the Nazis did to Jewish captives?

If you believe that a personal God created humanity, as the Jews and Christians do, how do you justify today’s crimes against humanity? What gives you the right to abort babies, sell them for medical research, or experiment on citizens who never gave informed consent to be infected with a genetically modified virus or its supposed cure, an injected gene therapy treatment?

We are indeed in Nuremberg territory, and it will take another Nuremberg to stop a deluded oligarchy from selling us for their medical experimentation, deploying vaccine passports and treating us like herd animals to be slaughtered at will. I suggest that in honor of the black men who were lied to for 40 years in the Tuskegee study, America’s trials be referred to as the Tuskegee Crimes Against Humanity trials.

God knows a national act of repentance when He sees it.

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