Beijing hypes trackless 'train': 'Incredible that China just invented the bus'

China’s ‘trackless train’ (Video screenshot)

A new video that is making the rounds on the web reveals China’s new autonomous electric train that doesn’t need rails so it can go “everywhere.”

It’s a “bus.”

Among those promoting the video was Erik Solheim, the president of Green Belt and Road Institute and an advocate for NorwegianGreens.

He posted online the video explaining, “This is incredible! China is testing it’s (sic) new autonomous electric train that does not need traditional tracks. It runs on a virtual track. Can go everywhere.”

The U.K.-Based site LADBible reported the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit system was first introduced in Zhuzhou, Central China, and called both a “railless train” and “an optical guided articulated bus.”

“It runs on rubber tires instead of rails, can travel up to 70km/h and is powered by electricity,” the report said.

“It has sensors that read dimensions of the roads and can plan its own route on what is essentially a virtual rail. It has a capacity of 100 passengers per carriage, with three and five carriage trains available,” the report explained.

There’s also a steering wheel for the driver.

The promotion explained, “A sensor system helps drivers to keep the vehicle in lane, but if it does happen to drift away, an automatic warning is given. It also has a collision warning system. This means that the driver is kept a safe distance from vehicles on the road, but if it gets too close, a warning will alert the driver.”

Those are options routinely available on American vehicles these days.

At Twitchy came the comment: “WATCH: Congratulations to China for inventing … the bus?”

Comments included, “It’s incredible that China just invented the bus.”

And, “A bus. This is called a bus.”

And, “Just showed this to my 2-year-old and he pointed at it and said ‘bus.'”

One commenter went further, suggesting China soon would be producing a new invention:

The LADBible report noted that the tracking on the “bus” is so accurate the vehicle creates “ruts” in China’s roads.

The vehicle actually appears to have features similar to many of the articulated buses found in America’s transit systems for decades already.

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