Biden creating tax-funded 'eugenics,' says pro-lifer

President Joe Biden arrives to lay a wreath and observes a moment of silence on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, at Arlington, National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)

The big news for the abortion industry in recent weeks was the decision by Planned Parenthood to disavow its founder, Margaret Sanger, a dedicate advocate of eugenics – an ideology used by the Nazis to justify the destruction of Jews and disabled.

Sanger openly advocated for fewer people “of defective stocks – those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization” through her “Negro Project.”

But now the Biden administration is creating a tax-funded “eugenics” program in that tradition, according to Tom McClusky, the chief of March for Life Action.

In a commentary at Real Clear Politics, he wrote, “In the name of ‘equity,’ the Biden administration is transforming the Title X program into a taxpayer funded eugenics project in the Planned Parenthood tradition of Margaret Sanger.”

He said, “The U.S. government should play no role in institutionalizing the racially discriminatory strategies of Planned Parenthood and its founder. The abortion industry’s leader is far too controversial (and wealthy) to be worthy of public support.”

He explained the money is coming through the nation’s Title X program, created in 1970 to reduce population growth by providing planning planning services to low-income women.

“From nearly the beginning, the program warranted concerns due to its lack of parental notice for minors, the sharing of resources between abortion clinics and Title X clinics in the same facility – or ‘co-location’ — and mandatory abortion referrals for pregnant women,” he said.

But he called it “most troubling” that the program “has provided a high level of funding for the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood.” That figure most recently was about $60 million per year.

“This amounts to the government subsidizing abortion without any mandate from the American people,” he said.

Advocates for the taxpayer subsidies argue Title X dollars don’t pay directly for abortion.

“But these same skeptics ignore the fact that the funding is used to offset the operational and overhead costs of abortion businesses that both encourage and refer for abortions while rendering Title X services. According to the organization’s current president, Planned Parenthood affiliates ‘proudly’ performed 345,672 abortions in FY2018. During this time period Planned Parenthood claimed almost $2 billion in net assets and took in a total of $616.8 million in taxpayer funding — an increase from $543.7 million the year prior,” he said.

President Trump had proposed changes to Title X operating rules that would restore the program to its original intent, and would have required “physical and financial separation of abortion and Title X services.”

At that point Planned Parenthood dropped out, complaining it would lose that $60 million.

But McClusky pointed out that the abortion industry behemoth took in $591 million in donations in 2018, up 50% from 2014.

He said Biden’s strategy once again will allow tax money to fund locations that do abortion.

And, he said, Biden’s insistence that the Title X moneys address “health equity” means that Planned Parenthood not only would get more money, it would be assigned to “target underprivileged, minority populations for reduction.”

Actually, he noted, Planned Parenthood already is targeting minorities, as African Americans were 13.4% of the American population in 2015, yet accounted for 36% of the abortions in the nation.

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