Biden's design for destruction

It’s nice to imagine that the person elected president will have the best intent for all of us. That’s a lovely thought, but it isn’t always the case – and a perfect example is the presidency of Joe Biden.

He looks like a nice guy – all soft lines, smiles and smooth talk – but the reality of the man and his intent is clear when you take a close look at his actions.

A major Biden goal is to literally change the face and future of this country by changing the population. You don’t see it immediately, but it’s evident in how he’s changing our immigration policies.

The first thing he did was put an end to the immigration changes put into place by President Trump. The main one – and the most visible – was to stop construction of the border wall. Keep in mind, our border with Mexico is an invisible line in the sand – step over it and you have gone from one country to the other.

It’s not a fortified border – no armed soldiers patrolling – just open space. And that space has been filled with hundreds of thousands of people who want in – to the United States. And they get in, just by walking across – or swimming across the Rio Grande. Once here, they disappear into the interior and avail themselves of all the good things this country provides.

States bordering Mexico have been hard hit by the flood of illegals – I know we’re not supposed to use that word, but the truth is, people who cross a border into another country without the proper paperwork and procedures, are in fact, “illegals.”

So I will call them that.

I am familiar with the problems of Arizona because I have family and friends there and I’ve followed the changes over the years. Things have gotten so bad that in early April, Gov. Doug Ducey announced that he would be putting 250 National Guard soldiers along the southern border of his state. He said the troops will assist state and local law enforcement in dealing with border problems, and he plans to provide up to $25 million in initial funding.

Ducey was quoted as expressing his dissatisfaction with inaction from the Biden administration – saying if “it won’t act, then we will.”

We’ve reported before on the border problems facing Cochise County and what Sheriff Mark Dannels is dealing with. His office said the sheriff has been working with Gov. Ducey on the issue, and he applauds the actions taken. It’s reported the troops will assist with medical issues in detention centers, install and maintain border cameras, monitor camera data and analyze satellite imagery.

The mayors of five Cochise County cities – Benson, Willcox, Douglas, Bisbee and Sierra Vista – wrote a letter in March, to draw attention to the problems they face with new Biden policies – mainly that illegals, when captured, must be processed locally and then turned loose into the local community. The problem is that there are no funds or facilities to deal with their needs, and the federal government seems to have no interest in helping. The mayors asked that “undocumented immigrants not be released into local communities.”

Thus far, there have been no changes in government procedures, yet the number of illegals crossing the border increases daily.

Sheriff Dannels is more than unhappy with the entire situation as it is being played out under the Biden administration. He says that as soon as construction on the border wall was stopped, illegals crossing the border increased daily.

He describes the border as being wide open, not only to people from countries around the world, but to the drug cartels that use the roads as their highways, bringing tons of drugs and firearms into this country on a daily basis. He said it was under control under Trump, but the border is essentially “wide open” now.

The sheriff calls it “a major crime scene” and a “humanitarian disaster.” These people cross the border, are not tested for COVID, and they are spread out across our country without being checked. Keep in mind that in fiscal year 2021, Customs and Border Patrol Agents had more than 300,000 encounters – in just one year!

Sheriff Dannels says their camera system shows a major increase in illegal entries – over 2,500 per month and thousands of pounds of illegal drugs. He says crime is up, drugs are up, smuggling is up and so are pursuits. And it’s not just in his county. Every county is affected.

What’s bizarre in all this – though not really surprising given the Biden approach to such things – is that Sheriff Dannels has been removed from the Homeland Security Advisory Council. He said it was unexpected and that this was the first time anyone has ever been dismissed from HSAC. In fact, he and 29 other members of the Council were arbitrarily removed, except the top three people. The panel was originally put in place by the Obama and Trump administrations.

The firings were announced by Alejandro Mayorkas, the new secretary of homeland security. He said new members would be announced in a few weeks – that was in March, and so far it hasn’t happened.

Consider that in March, when Biden said there was a need for 20,000 beds for unaccompanied minors at the border, Mayorkas claimed it was “not a crisis” but just a “challenge” that needed to be overcome.

Consider that in April, more than 178,000 migrants were encountered by border officials – a nearly 945% increase over the prior year.

In addition to all this – President Biden is pushing for passage of the DACA program – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – which essentially is a massive amnesty plan that would affect millions of illegal aliens here now and give them citizenship.

He also signed an “emergency determination” allowing an increase in refugee admissions set by the Trump administration. He’s expected to increase the number by May 15. He originally wanted to boost the number to 62,500.

In addition he is allowing more refugees from Africa, the Midde East and Central America and will lift Trump’s restrictions on resettlements from Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

Through all of this, Secretary Mayorkas says “the border is closed” and that we are “securing the border.”

In addition, Vice President Kamala Harris, named to handle the border issues, has not visited the border but has talked with the presidents of Central American countries, saying we will help them with money to fight climate change, which she claims will slow the movement of migrants!

Is your head spinning yet?

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