Fauci's criminal malpractice and killing of medical freedom

In this pandemic, it is more important than ever for physicians to act as early as possible to save their patients from serious COVID impacts, hospitalization and death. Instead, when he withheld support for this sound medical strategy, we got the “Fauci kill zone.”

The whole notion that the COVID infection has created a genuine crisis can also be seen more as malfeasance, corruption and propaganda than an inevitable medical reality.

If physicians were allowed to live up to their oath to first do no harm, then they would have been allowed by government to quickly treat their patients with COVID symptoms or a positive test.

Starting in March 2020 doctors began to use cheap and effective early treatment protocols not only to cure COVID, but also to prevent it. Pioneering doctors, especially Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, were true heroes by using innovative protocols, at the beginning hydroxychloroquine and later ivermectin as key components. They saved the lives of the most ill and older patients.

Just as quickly, as more and more doctors started to use these protocols the Fauci regime stepped in through NIH and FDA guidance to block use of early home/outpatient COVID treatments. The whole story of this pandemic mismanagement is told in my book Pandemic Blunder.”

Many months passed between the time COVID treatments were blocked and COVID vaccines became available. Again, call this the “Fauci kill zone.” This is assuming the vaccines actually save lives. Those data are not yet available. But what we do know is that use of the early treatment protocols could have prevented at least 70 to 80% of COVID deaths, as documented in “Pandemic Blunder.” Well over 400,000 lives were lost unnecessarily in the Fauci kill zone, and even more from the indirect lives lost because of government actions, like lockdowns.

With all the mismanagement, there is just as much a disinformation pandemic as a viral one. This “false” pandemic based on the political goal of creating public fear ruined the American economy destabilized society and inflicted enormous pain and suffering.

With early action the pandemic crisis could have largely ended relatively quickly after it began. Even now, when considering COVID vaccines, the valid alternative is the treatment approach through the use of proven early home/outpatient treatment and prevention protocols.

What the government has done amounts to killing medical freedom – meaning the right of physicians to do what they believe is in the best interest of their patients and the right of patients to choose the best medicines. Forcing or compelling vaccination is antithetical to medical freedom.

The moral imperative for physicians of “first do no harm” clearly implies not to wait, but rather to take the earliest possible action to fully examine, diagnose and treat whatever illness or disease a patient has symptoms for, or because some test result raises an issue. In simple terms: We go to doctors to get early action. If we ignore our own symptoms, then we have to shoulder the blame.

Here is the key question to ponder: In any rational, science-based world, why would the government block early treatment by doctors?

In the context of his treating COVID patients, frontline doctor Jean-Jacques Rajter said, “You look at early interventions for other diseases. We’re very aware that the earlier we intervene the better the outcomes are. So, we know that if we were to use [treatment on] our patients early on, we could decrease the likelihood of having people hospitalized and decrease the burden on the hospital systems. [Treatment] could decrease the economic impact on the economy because people could go back to their normal lives.”

The disastrous actions of Fauci are contrary to all these traditional concepts and responsibilities. Americans should ask:

How can we believe that our entire medical and public health system, facing a most historic lethal pandemic, failed us in such a profound way?

How could our government not protect our lives by standing in the way of frontline doctors taking the earliest possible action to address potentially devastating COVID impacts?

But that is exactly what has happened.

When it comes to early medical action, it is important to recognize that some medications are only effective at an early stage. A major reason is that illnesses and diseases often progress through different phases. What works in the early phase may not work in later phases. But what works in the initial phase can completely stop a lethal progression of the disease. COVID progresses from viral replication to florid pneumonia and lastly to multi-organ attack. The trick is to stop it dead in its tracks at the early viral replication phase through treatment within days of getting infected.

Dr. Peter McCullough, a distinguished academic researcher and frontline doctor, has said: “I can’t think of a single viral infection where the best advice is to wait two weeks before we start treatment in the hospital. That is the current NIH recommendations. Americans are appalled by this. We always treat serious viral infections with multiple drugs up front, early. These are principles of treatment.”

Listen to another frontline doctor and an acclaimed pioneer in COVID treatment, Dr. George Fareed: “The earlier the treatment can be started after the start of the infection, the better and more rapid the recovery (as well as the reduction in the risk of spread/contagious period). This would mean that the patient should optimally start the treatment in the first four days of the infection and within five days of exposure. It usually is based on symptoms which start within 1-4 days of viral entry into the upper respiratory system. … Sadly, many infected people and primary care doctors and doctors in ERs follow the NIH and Dr. Fauci stipulations with no effective treatments offered. We need to have the NIH/FDA/CDC formally acknowledge the importance of early treatment with moderately acting, safe anti-virals so readily available. When (if ever) that happens, everything would improve dramatically.”

Honest mainstream media would stop worshiping Fauci and start talking about punishing him.

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