What I learned about election fraud on the golf course

GI Joe (named changed for privacy reasons), a retired two-star Army general played golf with me yesterday. Joe is 73 years old, served 30 years in the Army and then 15 years in private industry. His son, 47 years old, is a current three-star general at the Pentagon. Joe and his son just discussed the letter from the 120-plus four-star generals/admirals last Tuesday stating that they believe President Biden was elected illegitimately.

Joe emphasized that retired military are not subject to the military rule that they refrain from participating in political debate. He pointed out how a serving active officer cannot run for political office, but that retired officers often run for political office. They have the same rights of freedom of speech when they leave the military as all Americans.

Joe pointed out how Colin Powell voiced his political preferences for the last dozen years since endorsing Obama in 2008 instead of Colin’s military buddy, John McCain. No one criticized Powell for participating in politics. No one criticized Powell for his comments about Trump while Trump was president. Nor did they criticize Jim Mattis or any other retired officers who criticized Trump. That says volumes about those who are now condemning retired military officers who criticize Biden.

There are no restrictions on the actions of retired military other than the restrictions that are on the whole of society. The reprimand over the letter, by the current military staff that serves Biden and was appointed by Biden, is bogus. That staff is being political, but they are on active duty and should not be political; they should be silent.

Joe added that if that group of retired generals and admirals had opened up the request for signatures to all retired officers from all the military branches (and not just retired four-star generals/admirals), they would have received thousands of signatures from retired officers who think that Biden was elected illegitimately.

Joe added that he, his son and his fellow retired officers are disheartened that a special prosecutor has not been assigned by the Justice Department to investigate potential 2020 election fraud, as Mueller did regarding the 2016 election, especially since no courts (including the Supreme Court) have investigated the evidence of 2020 election fraud, instead dismissing cases based on legal technicalities.

And last, Joe said that the retired officer world is a very cohesive, active group with many clubs and organizations the vast majority of retired officers belong to. Everything from retired grads from West Point and Annapolis to retired officers of on-base officers clubs where they discuss politics often and share information they get from current active military. So Joe and his fellow retired officers are quite knowledgeable despite how the media and current administration try to present it.

According to Joe, retired military officers understand the deep state and how it operates and firmly believe that Biden was elected fraudulently. Military officers take an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States. So why should they turn off that commitment just because the president and the mainstream media want them to?

Another person in our golf group, a retired Navy lieutenant, confirmed his agreement with the comments of Gen. GI Joe.

Instead of investigating the potential election fraud illuminated by these 120 retired generals and admirals, the current administration and the mainstream media are trying to discredit those officers who served their country. Very disappointing. How is that any different than what happens in Russia, Iran and China?

It is amazing what can be learned during a four-hour round of golf. So now what happens?

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