Meet Bishop Garrison: Pentagon's extremism czar

You may not have heard of this man.

You may wish you still haven’t.

Bishop Garrison is the Pentagon’s new extremism czar, installing Marxist radical race theory, purging Donald Trump sympathies from military ranks, especially all officers, and a man with unprecedented new powers.

He is leading CEWG, the Countering Extremism Working Group, with orders to change the Pentagon’s definition of extremism, to stop Pentagon personnel from being recruited by “extremist” groups and to screen more aggressively to find hidden “extremists.”

If you are in any branch of the military, you can expect “Garrison Gangsters” to view your internet history for any traces of evidence that might trigger them.

What made him a favorite to serve in this role?

Last January, during the heat of the second impeachment trial, Garrison tweeted that civility toward President Trump or his supporters would be the death of America.

For Garrison, there is no “both sides” in this war. There is “no room for nuance,” he says. It’s all-out for an end of free speech, the First Amendment and more hate-speech laws as Joe Biden sees them and calls them.

You may not appreciate the insidious nature of remaking the military. The Pentagon is the largest employer in the United States, employing 2.9 million, and has the biggest budget in Washington. Its new extremism czar is not fond of patriots, MAGA folk or flag-wavers, and “Garrison Gangsters” have carte blanche and plenty of money to reconstruct the Pentagon.

Are you listening, Donald Trump? Are you awake, America?

Listen to this: In a July 2018 opinion piece, Garrison called the concept of free speech in the information age a “digital black plague” that will bring about a “modern day dark age” if left to its devices.

“Never has the country or the world been so interconnected,” he said. “Never have we had so much information at the speed of light literally in the palm of our hands. While these technological advances work to keep us better informed, holding those with ill intentions accountable for their public actions, they also provide the means by which those who wish to spread disinformation and instability can commit their misdeeds.”

He continued: “In this way, technology operates to exacerbate our already well-entrenched divides, along with underlying issues like partisan political ideologies, race, gender, and income inequality. Everything from viral videos to combative cable network panels work to dig us in deeper. … Today, however, America is renouncing its position as world leader. We’re relinquishing the long fought diplomatic collateral that has defined our security and western world stability since World War II. If we allow this digital black plague to spread further, the shining city on the hill will undoubtedly find itself alone in the darkness for years to come.”

He singled out Sinclair Broadcasting as one of the sources he detests.

“It’s not simply that citizens are discovering disinformation through social media or fraudulent sites, but the mass takeover of local news stations by Sinclair Broadcasting has led to opinion pieces with scant supporting evidence presented as fact on a regular basis and against the wishes of anchors,” he scribbled.

Here’s how he denounced Trump.

“The integrity of the system is further eroded by the Trump Administration’s … demonizing the Fourth Estate as not just biased, but dishonest and even fake. The occupant of the most powerful seat in the entire world attacks members of a community who have long been pivotal to the very fabric of American democracy. His actions are condemned as uncalled for, unorthodox, uncivil, and outright dangerous, yet they persist.”

Here’s what he tweeted on Jan. 6:

“We should all use this as an opportunity to finally put an end to misinformation.”

An opportunity? Was Joe Biden, or someone above his pay grade, listening?

Am I right? Don’t you wish you had not read this column or ever heard of Garrison?

Now you now what Joe Biden, or whoever stole the election for him, is planning for the U.S.

God help us.

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