Biden's gun grab – what is he waiting for?

One of the guiding principles of the left is a loathing of the Second Amendment. With Biden and Harris spearheading our descent into communism, everyone knows it’s just a matter of time until the right to bear arms will be eviscerated.

But what’s taking so long? With all the flurry of executive orders Biden was told to sign, where is the one dismantling the Second Amendment? What’s the delay?

Now granted, there’s probably a lot of shuffling going on behind the scenes as Biden is being pushed into the background because of his advancing dementia. Doubtless Harris is gearing up to step into the role of Queen of America. And still we’re waiting for the legislation that will make criminals out of every gun owner. What’s taking so long?

It’s not like Biden’s puppet-masters don’t already have legislation drawn up. H.R. 127 alone is massive in scope and would turn tens of millions of legal, law-abiding gun owners into felons overnight. Activists are pressing the Biden administration to implement gun control now. So why hasn’t it been made law yet?

Meanwhile, firearms and ammunition purchases have skyrocketed as worried citizens wait. Yet Biden’s puppet-masters still haven’t made their move – which is starting to make people nervous.

JD Rucker in NOQ Report speculates about the delay, and offers this theory: “As sickening as it sounds, they’re biding their time. They’re waiting for the next mass shooting event to take place. They know the facts don’t back their perspectives on firearms, so they need the emotional push following a mass shooting in order to drive their narrative and push their agenda.” [Emphasis added.]

A mass shooting? Is that what the Democrats are waiting for?

I’ll admit there’s a certain logic to this concept. Over and over again, every mass shooting has been instantly followed by screams for gun control. Every. Single. One.

So right now there’s an uneasy standoff. Americans know the hammer is coming and are frantically buying up every firearm and bit of ammunition they can lay their hands on, just waiting for that other shoe to drop. Biden’s handlers know from experience that simply shoving gun control down our throats is a losing proposition. They need an emotional pitch to make it work.

But if this speculation is true – if the Biden administration is waiting for a mass shooting to push the decimation of the Second Amendment – then it’s gonna have to be a doozy of a tragedy to justify it. When it happens, it’s going to be ugly. Five or six poor innocents gunned down won’t cut the mustard. So – and understand, I’m speculating here – if a conveniently horrible incident doesn’t happen on its own, will it be created?

What’s terrifying – absolutely flippin’ terrifying – is not just that this is a strong possibility, but also that no one would think it an unlikely scenario. The left is so unspeakably evil that they wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice scores of innocent victims just to get the hated Second Amendment nullified. Yes, America has come to that.

So what soft target will be chosen? In-person schooling is still scarce thanks to teachers unions, and many other formerly convenient venues for mass shootings such as malls, theaters, concerts, etc. are still understaffed with potential victims. We’ll see what kind of nefarious opportunity arises for the Biden/Harris administration to take advantage of.

And of course, the shooter will be white. That goes without saying. Regardless of his political affiliation or even his ethnicity (remember, George Zimmerman was rebranded a “white Hispanic“), he will be painted as a white supremacist and a Trump supporter. Mark my words.

Now if this speculation – that Democrats would create a false flag mass shooting to justify annihilating the Second Amendment – sounds like it’s reaching into the realm of conspiracy theory, five years ago I would have agreed with you. But as the Trump administration so amply illustrated, what some people call “conspiracy theory,” Democrats call an “operating manual.”

Interestingly, even though opportunities for mass shootings (defined as one gunman killing four or more victims) have decreased over the last year due to lockdowns, the claims that mass shootings are increasing are all over the place. “Sure inner-city violence is way up, but there were no big public killing sprees in the past year,” observes Def-Con News. “The fake news, however, is pushing a lie that mass shootings are surging, and they’re doing it with a propaganda article that appeared in dozens of local papers across the country, masquerading as local interest stories. … The question is, what is the purpose of this?”

Apparently the “purpose” is to pin the blame on last year’s surge in gun sales, which has resulted in a more “on-edge and armed citizenry,” according to conventional news sources.

Setting the stage, folks. Setting the stage.

“[W]e know that the research has proven that most violent crime in a given community is committed by a very small number of people,” notes Cam Edwards on Bearing Arms, “[so] the idea of banning our way to safety through sweeping gun control laws that target legal gun owners and calling it ‘common sense’ is laughable. Some of the cities with the highest crime rates in the nation also have some of the most restrictive gun control laws on the books, and the people who are harmed the most are the good people living in bad neighborhoods who are denied their right to protect themselves and their families.”

But the left is immune to logic. The faster Democrats can make good people into bad people merely by exercising their God-given right to protect themselves, the better they’ll like it. Welcome to the USSA.

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