Catholics want Biden to address 2 problems he created: economy and border

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A new poll reveals that Catholics across America want Joe Biden to begin addressing two problems he created: the economy and the southern border crises.

“According to the findings of a new EWTN News/RealClear Opinion Research survey in the weeks before the 2022 midterm elections, large majorities of likely Catholic voters across six key battleground states – Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania – consider the economy, including jobs, inflation and rising interest rates, to be the most pressing issue facing America,” the polling report said.

“In the hotly contested state of Georgia, for example, 67.1% of Catholic voters view the economy as most important, while in Florida, the issue rises to 67.6%. Overall, Catholics in the six states rank the economy most important by an average of 63.1%,”

The report said the economy dwarfed all other topics, although immigration and border security was second at 11.4%. Others were abortion, 7.3%, climate change 7.2% and healthcare 4.5%.

Biden’s economic policies have allowed inflation to run rampant, hitting a family budget-killing 9.1% just a few months ago. Gasoline prices exploded to hit $7 a gallon in a few locations during that time.

On the southern border, Biden canceled literally all of President Trump’s security programs, like the wall construction, when he took office, and the result has been millions of illegal aliens breaching the border to enter the U.S., many of them now dependent on public assistance.

The poll report added, “Catholics also disapprove of the job that President Joe Biden is doing as president and dedicated Mass attending Catholics are poised to be a crucial voting group in deciding who will win control of Congress.”

The third and final EWTN News/RealClear Opinion Research poll for the 2022 midterms was done by the Trafalgar Group from Oct. 14-18 of more than 500 likely Catholic voters in each of the six states. It has a 4.1% margin of error.

The poll said, “The focus on the economy by Catholics is a significant element in another major finding in the poll: President Biden faces strong disapproval among likely Catholic voters in six crucial battleground states, even as Republican candidates in the six states polled are either in the lead in Senate and Governor races or are competitive against their Democrat rivals.”

Biden’s disapproval among respondents was 62.2%, with 57.5% disapproving strongly.

Only 12.2% strongly approve.

“Four of the states (Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania) surveyed in the poll were carried by Biden – albeit very narrowly – in the 2020 presidential election, and in all four he is now confronting an uphill struggle to win back disaffected Catholic voters. In Georgia, he has an overall disapproval rate of 68.3% among likely Catholic voters. Similarly, in Arizona, 58.5% of Catholics disapprove, in Nevada 63.3% disapprove and in Pennsylvania, 56.5% disapprove. In two of these battleground states that were won by Donald Trump, Florida and Ohio, the president faces an overall disapproval of 61.4% and 62.4% respectively,” the poll said.

And it continued, “The president’s strongest source of Catholic disapproval is among those who attend Mass daily or at least weekly. In Pennsylvania, his job disapproval among daily and weekly communicants is more than 70%, while his average approval among Catholic voters who attend only yearly, or less, hovers around 45%.”

He’s hurting other Democrats, too.

“The president’s political woes among Catholics are not aiding the position of the Democrats in the six battleground states both on the Gubernatorial and Senate election fronts. In the races that will determine who controls the U.S. Senate, the survey found that the Republican candidates for the Senate were all in the lead heading into the midterms. In Arizona, Republican Blake Masters now narrowly polls ahead of Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly by 51.4-46.3%. In Florida, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio leads Democrat Val Demings by 59.1-36.9%. In Georgia, Republican Herschel Walker leads Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock by 64.7-32.7%. Nevada Republican Adam Laxalt is ahead of Democrat Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, 56.7-36.4%. And in Ohio, Republican J.D. Vance leads Democrat Tim Ryan, 55.5-41.0%. Once again, daily and weekly Mass attending Catholics are proving vital to the electoral advantage currently held by Republican candidates in the six states.”

Results were similar in races for governor, the poll said.

And it said Democrats have failed, in their obsessive focus on abortion and the Dobbs Supreme Court decision, to divert attention from Biden’s failed economy.

“While the economy is the major driving force for Catholics as they decide how to vote in the midterms, the gambit by the Democrats to focus so intensely on abortion in the wake of the overturn of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court in June seems not to have succeeded. As seen, Catholics across the six states that were surveyed placed abortion a very distant third among the most important issues for the country, behind the economy and immigration/border security.”

The poll also noted, as others have reported, that Catholic Hispanics are moving rapidly away from the Democrat party and toward the GOP.

“This was shown in the September poll [] which showed a marked decline in approval for President Biden from among Hispanic Catholics. The Hispanic Catholic vote in the battleground states varies in size, but three states worth looking at are Arizona, Nevada and Florida given their potential influence. In Nevada, President Biden has a job disapproval of 72.8% compared to 26.7% approval. In Florida, his disapproval among Hispanics is 60.2% and his approval is 35.6%. Arizona’s Hispanics, on the other hand, comprise 31% of the state’s overall population, and within the Hispanic Catholic community, Joe Biden’s approval is an important outlier at 45.8% approval versus 52.3% disapproval.”

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