Commentator says voting not enough, and now's the time for 'action'

Mark Levin

Commentator Mark Levin his written a number of books in recent years with warnings about the possible loss of America’s freedoms, including “Liberty and Tyranny,” “Rediscovering Americanism” and “Plunder and Deceit.”

Washington Secrets columnist Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner describes him as a fellow alongside “pamphleteer Thomas Paine, who wrote under the pseudonym ‘Common Sense’ during the American Revolution.”

But Levin’s newest book, “American Marxism,” actually goes beyond warning and is, by the author’s own description, a call for action.

“With the election of President Joe Biden and the swift acceptance of liberal social policies, Levin said, ‘We’re in the abyss now,'” Bedard explained. “With his eighth book in his series coming out next week, ‘American Marxism,’ his days of warnings are over, replaced by a ‘call for action’ and a new movement to fight back.”

Levin told Bedard, “If you love individualism and freedom, if you love opportunity, capitalism, if you love this nation, and you appreciate everything that’s come before, the shoulders that we stand on, then it’s time to step up, it’s here and it’s now and they are devouring this society.”

The book arrives as leftists across America actually are promoting the always-failed socialism as what America should embrace, Democrats in Washington are trying to take over elections nationwide, and massive new federal programs are sparking calls for massive new federal taxing.

“We just need to have a national movement that pushes back,” Levin told Bedard, “The point of this book is to start, or at least contribute, to such a movement.”

Bedard explains, “His targets are vast and all part of the post-Trump discussion in America, including critical race theory, the liberal media’s axis with the Democratic Party, court-packing, Big Tech’s canceling of conservative voices, and the attack on U.S. history.”

Levin has explained that “Marx would approve” of the leftist trends now being pursued across politics, education and social life in America. He said liberals are using Karl Marx’s tactics to demolish America.

Levin explained, “It’s no longer enough just to vote, even though that’s crucially important. Now we have to become the activists.”

Bedard wrote, “Levin said he hopes that spirit is in his latest book (for weeks a top pre-sale Amazon bestseller) and leads to a new movement like the 2009 Tea Party movement and even the American Revolution.”

Levin said he hopes his book will have influence, “Because what we’re confronting is not a temporary fad. It’s not part of a cycle. It is an iron fist or a wrecking ball that has already done enormous damage to this society and to this country. And it’s going to take a tremendous amount of work. It’s going to take tens of millions of us. And it’s going to take individuals who never thought they could be heroes and patriots to say, you know what, ‘My children and grandchildren are going to face a hellish impoverished future if I don’t stand up now.’”

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