D.C. 'Justice for J6' rally is a bonehead idea

We on the reasonable right are often amazed at how dimwitted leftists are. I’m not talking about the leaders. They aren’t stupid – they’re evil. No, I’m talking about the countless leftist pawns, the ones the overlords send out to do their dirty work.

It’s astonishing to see them out rioting, mostly peacefully as CNN reports, in city after city for something or another they will never attain or achieve, not realizing that they are being used by leftist power brokers to gain more control over all our lives – them included.

But it seems we on the right also have our gaggle of morons – like those who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6. Notice I said entered – but for all intents and purposes, they were let in.

Little did they know, but certainly should have, that Jan. 6 was a setup – a setup by the left. Of course, it wasn’t organized by leftists, but they quickly made it into a crisis that didn’t go to waste, beginning with the twisting of President Trump’s words and intent, from, “We will march down to the Capital to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,” to him “inciting” violence with his caustic rhetoric.

The Quick Reaction Force (QRF) of the left, the leftist media, turned that almost entirely peacefully protest march into something rivaling 9/11 or the Civil War. It was and still is despicable. But it’s what we’ve come to expect from the media.

Yet after all that’s happened in the aftermath – after all the reflection of what a stupid idea it was to enter the Capitol, some have decided, “Hey – January 6th was such a monumental failure, let’s try it again. Let’s give the radicals on the left another go to paint all conservatives as domestic terrorists.” Brilliant!

Another, much smaller rally, is set for this weekend. It’s been dubbed the “Justice for J6” rally and is being organized by a former Trump campaign worker and executive director of Look Ahead America.

ABC News/CNN gleefully reports (I’m sure): “Security fences are going back up around the nation’s Capitol. The U.S. Capitol Police Board has approved the department’s request to erect temporary fencing around the building ahead of a right-wing rally planned for Saturday. Authorities are worried the event could result in similar violence seen on Jan. 6.”

I agree that the some 600 people charged in connection to Jan. 6 deserve real justice, but I can guarantee they won’t be helped by people showing up at the Capitol again.

The left, with an assist from Trump-hating spineless Republicans, made up their minds long ago about the guilt of every last one that was there on Jan. 6. And nothing will change their minds.

So what a great idea, to have another “right-wing rally.” CNN already reported of a “new wave of concern about more potential violence on Capitol Hill …”

“Top security officials are expected to authorize the use of deadly force for Capitol police and reinstall a 7-foot-tall fence around the Capitol in anticipation of Saturday’s rally, The Guardian reported. Officials have not yet sought the support of the National Guard.”

And every major media outlet will be there with multiple cameras rolling hoping to catch anyone doing anything they can describe as “right-wing extremism.”

There have been no calls by leftists to shut this thing down. Gee – I wonder why? It sure as hell isn’t because of their love and respect for freedom of speech. They are hoping that something will happen that gives them the opportunity to paint all on the right as domestic terrorists, or at the very least, enemies of democracy.

Anyone with a brain has to know that this event is a monumentally bad idea. If you are considering attending, don’t. If you know anyone who may, try to talk some sense into them.

Maybe if we’re lucky, they’ll be a freak hurricane or tornado that blows through.

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