Democrat argues election stolen because voting machines misread ballots

Some of the lawsuits filed on behalf of President Trump charged that many of the machines used to tabulate votes in the 2020 election were unsecure and unreliable.

Democrats insisted the claims were baseless, and many who made the claims have been sued.

But now a Democrat is making a similar claim, reports the Washington Times in a story headlined “Democrats copy Trump playbook; allege voting machine flaws in tight N.Y. House race.”

That race is between Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney and Democratic candidate Anthony Brindisi. Tenney had a 125-vote lead of some 300,000 votes cast in the latest tabulation. Certification has been delayed yet again by a judge at Brindisi’s request.

A lawyer for Brindisi has argued in court that there is “reason to believe that voting tabulation machines misread hundreds of not thousands of valid votes as undervotes, and that these tabulation machine errors disproportionately affected Brindisi.”

Tenney explained in an email to supporters, “While my lead has only grown since November, my Democrat opponent – and the high-profile lawyers which Nancy Pelosi sent to do battle against me – refuse to concede.

“Why? Because if I’m certified the winner of this race, Republicans will only need to pick up six seats next year to flip the House of Representatives.”

The Times’ Rowan Scarborough explained that the machines at issue are manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems, “the same ballot scanners vilified by Trump supporters in battleground states, and defended by winning Democrats.”

Brindisi is represented by Marc Elias of the D.C. Perkins Coie law firm, who led a team of Joe Biden attorneys who successfully fought Trump challenges in more than 50 courts.

Elias claims that Oswego County “admitted in a sworn statement to this court that its tabulation machines were not tested and calibrated in the days leading up to the November 3, 2020 General Election as required by state law and necessary to ensure that the counts generated by tabulation machines are accurate.”

Legal analyst and political commentator Jonathan Turley of George Washington University said Friday on his website that he wasn’t as much surprised by Elias challenging Dominion Voting Systems as he was “that he remains one of the leading lawyers enlisted by Biden and the Democratic party after the Steele dossier scandal.”

The dubious dossier funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign was used by the Obama administration to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign to advance its now debunked Russia-collusion claim.

Turley noted the Perkins Coie lawyer “was the focus of stories related to the Steele dossier and the long-denial of the Clinton campaign that it actually funded investigation.”

“Despite such false statements by the campaign before the election, the money was found to have been paid out as a legal expense through Elias as counsel for the campaign,” Turley noted. “Elias also reportedly was present when this funding was denied to the media and to Congress. The Biden campaign enlisted Elias to lead efforts in election challenges despite that history.”

Now, Elias is “making a curious argument in New York for a Democratic lawyer: he is alleging that thousands of votes may have been switched or changed by Dominion voting machines.”

The Washington Examiner called Brindisi’s claims “a Trumpian strategy.”

Democrats hold a 222-211 majority in the U.S. House, the slimmest majority in years. Tenney’s seat is unfilled along with a Louisiana seat left open by the death of Republican Rep.-elect Luke Letlow.

If Tenney is seated, Speaker Nancy Pelosi would could not lose more than five votes on any partisan issue to deliver on the Biden agenda. The margin also makes it likely that there will be a GOP majority in the House following the 2022 election, since the party of the president routinely loses several dozen seats during midterms.

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