Democrats and their eternal 'insurrection' against God

Perhaps it’s just me, but ever since the Jan. 6 election protests at the U.S. Capitol, Democrats act like they have just learned a new word: insurrection! This new word seems to be cited and applied everywhere you find Democrats.

In this, Democrats are a lot like very small children who have just learned to say a new word. They frequently run around, pointing at anything in sight and repeating the word, in this case: “insurrection!” This is a child’s way of learning what the new word means. Mom or Dad has to correct their use of the word until they learn what it applies to, what it means – and doesn’t mean.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines insurrection as: “An act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” In school that used to be the teacher or principal. In the larger world it was often the policeman.

The First Amendment enshrined “… the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” How in the Democrat mind BLM can burn down cities as part of its protests against civil authority, but Republicans in the Capitol are insurrectionists boggles the mind.

Democrats have a long history of insurrection against civil authority themselves. America fought a civil war in large part because the Democratic Southern states refused to give up slavery as their economic model – and in fact wanted it continued out into the new territories opening in the West. The industrialized Northern states couldn’t live with that. Thus the war came, which was indeed an armed insurrection against America’s federal government, led primarily by the Democratic Southern states.

Democrats have an eternal problem: They want good things to come out of a godless government that is filled with godless people. All the makeup has come off now, and they are advocating for a full communist state. Not states. State. Full totalitarian control of thoughts and deeds by their subjects. Citizens no longer exist. Anybody who crosses the border is a new subject.

This may appear to have happened because of political reasons, but that is not why it has happened. It has happened because We the People allowed the ballot to be replaced by the campaign dollar. Corporations have no vote, yet they can donate vast sums of money to electoral campaigns. Unions are similar, but they are representing people, so there are differences. Control of our government has in effect been ceded to the richest among us: Corporations, Unions, Tech Oligarchs, and George Soros and his godless network of election funding.

The overwhelming problem the left has is they lack the authority to govern. None of them has the authority to govern. In the past, Fedzilla tried to make it look like whoever was elected still had the authority to govern, but today’s government-controlled news and social media censorship puts the lie to any legitimacy claims of the showmen and actresses in the government.

This is why the Biden administration is collapsing: It lacks authority, and everyone inside and outside the administration knows it. Afghanistan has ripped off the mask of legitimacy. All they are left with here at home is military and police power against their own citizens.

The consent of the governed, however, was never really a source of governmental authority. It, too, was a fiction. The real source, and the only source of governmental authority, is the Creator-God of the universe. His authority is absolute and eternal.

The Democrats’ war against God in the decades leading up until today demonstrates this clearly. They knew that a godly nation would not accept a godless government. So they set about removing the idea of God from every aspect of our culture. Churches would be the last to feel the purge.

Any earthly government draws its authority entirely from God. The devil, which many today have turned to, just won’t do. He has no authority to give to their government. All he has is lies. Just look at what emanates from the government today.

Godly government reflects God’s attributes: His Goodness, His Truth, His Laws and His Justice.

Ungodly government reflects the attributes of the unregenerate human heart: It is for sale to the highest bidder, has no concern with truth, manipulates the law for its friends and applies justice unequally between its friends and its enemies.

Ungodly governments are a major source of evil in this world. Ungodly governments are filled with people who use government for their own personal gain, who appoint bitter partisans to positions of authority – not because of their competence to serve – but because they can be counted on to appoint bitter partisans underneath themselves, too. Ungodly governments are evil, and over time they poison their own populations to become like themselves.

Lastly, godly governments are not theocracies, which are themselves evil. Godly governments do not mandate any particular religion for the nation as a whole, nor do they require any particular religious beliefs to serve in the government. Godly governments and their leaders simply understand where their governmental authority comes from and do their best to govern according to those principles.

There is indeed an insurrection that has occurred in America over many decades. This is being wrongly interpreted by many as Armageddon. In fact, it is much more like Tower of Babel 2.0 The Tower of Babel 1.0 insurrection ended with God’s confusion of earthly languages, so that people could no longer understand one another (and cooperate).

The goal of both Tower of Babel 1 and 2 is for humanity to become like God through our own efforts. The tech elites, the mad scientists experimenting on fetal tissue and even aborted babies, believe humanity belongs to them. No one has ever been more wrong.

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