Democrats' election rigging must end before midterms

As I pointed out in my last column, the midterm elections are coming up soon – November of next year.

It’s late September a year before, and the issue hasn’t been touched: that is, the lack of election integrity.

Granted, there are powerful new media that have arisen, but it sure didn’t help in California. Maybe that’s because our candidate didn’t believe in it – massive election fraud in 2020. That’s unfortunate – in fact, it’s a tragedy. Because no one is going to believe him now. So, I guess we’ll have to write off 2022 in California. I can’t say if the recall election was a steal or not. I can only say it was not what I expected – an apparent rout by Gavin Newsom, an apparent landslide.

The media don’t waste time discussing apparent landslides.

But if we’re going to make progress in reforming election laws and ending mail-in voting, we’re going to have to act much faster, to say the least.

Fortunately, we just have to work on a few states – Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and any other one I’m missing or that’s close. Let’s say that all of these were STOLEN in 2020. That might not be enough to win the mandate we all expect.

Let’s be clear. We’re trying to SAVE THE COUNTRY! That’s a pretty big goal. But it will certainly not ensure we’re on our way to making the country safe from Democrats.

Immediately after the recalls result, California Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Kevin Mullin tweeted that the effort was “a $276 million waste just to reaffirm 2018’s results with an election coming in 2022.”

He said the recall process should see a series of changes, including elevating the lieutenant governor to the top job if a governor is recalled rather than having Californians vote on a second question on recall ballots on who should replace the sitting governor. Mullin got quick support for his ideas that would further esconse powerful Democrats in California.

In other words, there’s no chance at getting true electoral reform America’s largest state!

How many votes did Newsom receive? According to the results, he only received 5,840,283. That is almost noting in a state with more than 22 million who supposedly voted in the “record-breaking” year of 2020.

I seriously question the results in that one!

How many illegal aliens voted in 2020? How many mail-in voters voted? The answer may be “just enough to put on a good show.”

That’s too many. What we don’t know about 2020 can instantly turn us into a banana republic. And that is how we remain today!

We need to get back to a REAL VOTE – the American way.

We don’t have much time.

Just look what Democrats and trying to do – and succeeding.

They’re enlisting – right now – a record number of non-voters to vote in 2022! There are said to be some 2 million non-voters who have come here recently – many from Mexico and Central America, Africa, as well as 200,000 from Afghanistan, thanks to Joe Biden. There’s no end in sight! That’s how many have come since Biden opened up the borders to anyone – with no vetting whatsoever.

That’s a scandal that has millions of Americans demanding Joe Biden get impeached.

Elections have consequences, and rigged elections have real consequences.

The media don’t want to talk about this. Big Tech doesn’t want us dealing with this. Our elections are not fixed yet – and we have less that a year to do it. Time’s running out. Our election system needs to be our top priority.

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