A Satanic duo: Government and pharmaceuticals

In the time immediately following the ascension of Jesus Christ, the early church and Christians were under full-out assault. Early Christians were fed to lions, murdered in coliseums, imprisoned and put to death in horrific ways by godless tyrants and haters.

Hitler, not unlike Herod, albeit for slightly different reasons, did his best to destroy the Jews; because Satan was and remains foolish enough to believe he can upset God’s eschatological plan in which Israel will play a key role.

Today in North Korea and other Communist countries, people are imprisoned and murdered for carrying Bibles, attending underground Christian churches and for proselytizing.

There’s no more definitive representation of Satanism and anti-God hatred throughout time, than that of Muslims guided by their pedophile demon false prophet Muhammad. This explains why the likes of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are so comfortable boasting about belonging to a barbaric primitive cult.

Satan has been wildly successful in America by creating a corporate environment that has institutionalized the systematic extermination of children. Said is a direct result of the efforts of the high priestess of Molech, Margaret Sanger. The program of extermination has been so successful in America that demonic emissaries of Satan in human form have instituted the murder of children worldwide.

In Africa agencies and organization purporting themselves to be health-minded entities have sterilized African women without their permission, many times without even their knowledge. Africa has been the laboratory for human experimentation of drugs for decades.

American military personnel have been subjected to life-threatening and life-altering chemicals and drugs completely unbeknownst to them. Many persons who were in the military suffer the effects of these unknown drugs and so-called vaccinations today.

In America black women and men were subjected to sterilization and experimentation without their knowledge and/or consent. Unsuspecting and defenseless individuals confined to mental health institutions were subjected to violent, unimaginable experiments while politicians and the mental health industry looked the other way.

Carol Van Strum took on Dow Chemicals, Monsanto and the federal government to stop the spraying of deadly toxins by the timber industry in Oregon. The timber industry, in Five Rivers, in Oregon’s Siuslaw National Forest in the 1970s, was knowingly using the same compound found in Agent Orange. It was ultimately revealed that chemical giants and the federal government were aware spanning back to the 1920s, but government regulators and the chemical industry secretly worked together to conceal the deadly effects the life-altering toxins posed.

Gender dysphoria is a serious mental illness. It’s the belief of a person that he or she is a different sex. Today young people and children are being coerced into believing or at least considering they’re now a different sex than they were born. Today this mental illness is touted by doctors who themselves are motivated by ulterior motives to claim that the madness isn’t mental illness. Ergo, we have an unprecedented attempt to redefine the family as God created it.

Knowing the aforementioned, why would anyone in his right mind believe the coercive lies and manufactured scare tactics being employed on a massive scale regarding the flu virus being touted as global pandemic. World governments typically cannot agree on what time of day it is, and yet from chief executives to the lowest member of governments, globalists are decreeing draconian mandates for a flu that has a 98.6 to 99.7% recovery rate.

I’ve said it before, and I say it again. I’m well aware that I can get this flu or any other flu or cold. But I refuse to be motivated by fear, and I’ll never relinquish my God-given right of Natural Law and allow myself to be poisoned with a known deadly toxin.

I’m not surprised when the minions of Satan prey upon the egos of questionable clergy who claim there’s no biblical basis for a religious exemption to this toxic experimental drug.

The assignation religious exemption was always a covering for the godless to dictate what the “truth” of the Word of God is to be considered. I don’t need nor do I subscribe to a religious exemption. In what scenario are true born-again Christians instructed to allow godless unbelievers, blasphemers and apostates to dictate what adherents to our faith will be permitted?

I hold fast to my God-given rights under Natural Law. My unalienable rights given me by my Creator dictate my right to refuse to be poisoned with an infectious deadly toxin, which has quantifiable and documented horrific side effects including death. The toxin is being prostituted with no legal recourse for any of the plethora of life-altering or deadly side effects. This so-called “vaccine” has proven and documented horrific side effects, and the pharmaceutical juggernauts have been given blanket immunity protection from any addressment of legal recourse by the public.

Parading out the questionable clergy of mega-churches to present views favorable to government doesn’t change my mind or alter my opinion in the least. In fact, I told people to expect same from the outset. Hitler used the tactic successfully.

I’m telling no one what to do. I’m saying any time the federal government in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industry and highly questionable medical combines threaten and attempt to frighten me to take a toxin, I get the feeling I’m being lied to.

Besides, if they were able to come up with a remedy for HIV-AIDS and this flu in such a short period of time, why are we still waiting for a cure for diabetes, cancer and multiple sclerosis? If they can move so quickly to come up with this drug; why are the number of autistic children born annually continuing to increase exponentially? Why haven’t they come up with a successful treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia?

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