Do we obey God or the homosexual activists?

Let me be clear. Despite every lie you have heard and/or believed, there’s nothing normal nor natural about the sexually deviant practice of homosexuality. The so-called “lgbtq” assemblage of sexual amoral deviancy is as unnatural, unhealthy and abnormal as an unemptied chamber pot at the kitchen table.

I’ve been ahead of the curve in warning about the social decline in America; and with every warning came assertions by demonic minions mocking me and calling me names.

May 30, 2013, a front group for People for the America Way called Media Matters, both of which are neo-Leninist groups committed to subversion of all truth and morality through demonic agitprop and intimidation, lashed out at me. Satan had to do his best to downplay my truth, and as usual he chose them to attempt same. I’d written in a syndicated op-ed, “Let the homosexuals have the Boy Scouts.”

I wrote: “It’s not personal – it’s a choice, and I choose not to participate in and/or support the activities of the perverse. It doesn’t matter who disagrees.” They attacked and attempted to belittle me because I “warned that boys would be brainwashed into accepting homosexuality and that boys would be coerced into homosexual behavior [in no small part] because of their hormones.”

When I wrote my column “Do you want your child to be a homosexual?” (April 19, 2005), the proponents of immorality and debaucherous amoral behavior inherent in godless society called me names. They were particularly upset because I wrote:

“It’s easy … to feign superfluous magnanimity [for] those eager to feed upon the nutrientless broth of victimology. I have asked any number of politically correct liberals the direct question: ‘Do you want your little boy or girl to grow up to be a homosexual?’ They, of course, reflexively respond with ‘We would love them just the same.’ To which I respond: ‘I asked if you wanted them to grow up to be a homosexual?’ When all the dancing stops and they are pinned down, without exception, not one – zip, nada – have responded, ‘Oh yes, I can’t wait for my child to become a homosexual – we want that more for our child than anything else.'”

Without exception, everything I’ve written exposing demonic sexual perversion and warning families to protect their children from same has been attacked. But at the end of the day, everything I’ve warned about has come to fruition.

I, along with others, have warned parents (and America) that demonic godless hordes were hell-bent and determined to destroy the biblical standard for family, marriage and child-rearing. I warned that each encroachment into society was a strategical act to advance their goal of destroying the biblical standard for family and propriety.

I’m right – and those attacking me are fools. These pernicious calumniators have maligned my cautions and warnings, but I’ve been as right as rain. Today we have Kellogg’s cereals promoting homosexuality on the most grotesque and abdominal levels heretofore conceived to those most vulnerable.

Specific to said point, consider Joe Biden’s assistant secretary of health, Richard Levine, who fancies himself as Rachel. Is that what we’re supposed to promote to our children? Bruce Jenner decided he was going to doctor himself up and become something he wants people to believe is a woman.

Frighteningly horrific people are used to brainwash small children by slyly increasing acceptability of transvestites, who are debaucherous sinful displays of humanity, reading nursery rhymes in public libraries. Even more appalling is that foolish parents subject their children to this inculcation. The most innocuous cartoon characters from the past, are today presented as homosexuals. When our son was a child we enjoyed family outings at Sesame Place theme park. Today this beloved children’s program boasts of showcasing a godless union of two men as normal. Even beauty pageants have now fallen prey to this condemnable charade of debauchery. Recently, a man masquerading as woman was declared the winner of the Miss Nevada USA pageant.

Think about that for a moment. A man dressed as a woman was chosen over 21 of the most drop-dead beautiful women in Nevada. This is a graphic example of Satan’s ability to deceive.

Teachers are being sanctioned and fired from their jobs for refusing to call a delusional child by a male name when they’re in fact girls and vice versa. Elementary schools in quaint small towns are now celebrating the practice of homosexuality. The queens of high school proms are today female couples.

There’s no force on earth that can make me recognize a man as a woman and vice versa, regardless of how much makeup they slap on and regardless of what kind of operation they’ve had to support their hebephrenia.

I will oppose any and all who promote disobedience to God regardless of where it occurs. I’ll be relentless in pointing out that which should be glaringly obvious to true born-again Christians: Satan is a liar and the father of lies. He’s a deceiver, and his singular objective is to lead people into sin and away from God. There’s no better way to deceive people into disobedience than by having ignorant and illiterate pretend-to-be Christians parroting a lexicon that supports that which God calls sin.

I don’t give a rat’s behind what people call me, as long as I am speaking the truth. My position may be as unpopular as Christians protesting abortion, but what I’ve said is unimpeachable truth. And that doesn’t change because the devil’s minions call it untrue.

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