FBI takes another black eye for paying white supremacist

The FBI’s reputation has crashed in recent years.

There was its participation in the now-debunked Steele Dossier conspiracy through which Democrats tried to kill the presidency of Donald Trump.

There are questions even now about why it is doing nothing about the many allegations against Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son.

There have been credible allegations that its undercover officers were key components and promoters of an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last year.

Similar claims are arising in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, since there are long lists of “unindicted co-conspirators” who allegedly did the same acts as those now facing criminal cases – but do not face any charges.

Now there’s another black eye for the bureau.

A Just the News report confirms the FBI has been revealed to have hidden in a court case that the bureau paid sums totaling six figures to a white supremacist publisher.

The report explained, “The admission came in a series of court filings this month in the case of Kaleb Cole, a Washington state man accused of being a member of the white supremacist group Atomwaffen and participating in an intimidation campaign against Jewish Americans and minority journalists. Cole has pleaded innocent and awaits trial.”

His lawyers have asked the federal court to ban the use of some information gathered against their client “on the grounds that the FBI had failed to disclose in a search warrant application that a publisher of extremist literature had been paid about $144,000 over 16 years to be an informant, including $82,000 for work in the case against Cole,” Just the News confirmed.

Cole’s defense counsel explained that “confidential informant “started working for the federal agency as a result of a case against him involving a firearm with an obliterated serial number.

The lawyers told the court, “The failure to include the information about the CI’s incentives is made more egregious by the fact that the warrant application incriminated Mr. Cole based almost solely on the alleged observations of the CI.”

The government then admitted the agents omitted the information, but said that didn’t make any difference in the case.

Just the News reported the government claimed, “Although the defense is correct that certain potential impeachment information about the informant was not included in the affidavit, that omission is hardly fatal. The omitted information was limited to the fact that the informant was well compensated by the FBI over a 16-year period, and was convicted of a firearms crime over 15 years ago.”

The judge in the case has not yet ruled, but it’s just another episode of bad actions by the FBI, which remains under fire for its conduct in the now-debunked Russia collusion claims, created by Democrat operatives using their own Russian sources, on behalf of then-candidate Hillary Clinton.

She reportedly pushed for the scandalous material against President Trump to be created in order to divert the public’s attention from her own scandal, which was to use a private and unsecure email system for government secrets.

The FBI’s actions, especially in the Steele Dossier case, have faced serious criticism from the DOJ’s own inspector general, which listed multiple failings and mistakes.

Special prosecutor John Durham now is reviewing what, if any, criminal actions were used for that FBI escapade.

Defense lawyers for suspects in the Whitmer case have alleged that the FBI manipulated evidence there. What is known is that undercover FBI informants infiltrated the group and purportedly played a significant role in developing the plan.

A report has explained, “”Working in secret, they[undercover officers] did more than just passively observe and report on the actions of the suspects. Instead, they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception. The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them.”

And commentators, including Byron York, have noted: “Anyone reading the Buzzfeed article comes away with the question: If the FBI had so deeply infiltrated the Michigan militia plot, did it not also infiltrate the groups that planned to go to the Capitol on January 6?”

Most recently, news commentator Sean Hannity questioned why the FBI is doing nothing about Hunter Biden after the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom revealed that it has obtained shocking video, from a laptop computer, showing a naked Biden with a prostitute.

And the president’s son is fretting to her about another laptop that he reveals has similar explicit videos – and he suspects it was stolen by Russians. Worry about blackmail and the fact his father, Joe Biden, was running for president, are key.

It’s the latest stage of the scandal that just keeps on giving for President Joe Biden, as Hunter Biden has been documented, according to computer videos and emails, as involved in a wide range of questionable behaviors, up to and including his acceptance of money from controversial sources, and Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business deals to the point he let him ride on Air Force Two while vice president to pursue his money operations.

Hunter himself is on video complaining, “They have videos of me doing this,” as he referred to a sex film he had just finished. “They have videos of me doing crazy f—— sex f——, you know.”

He explained how one of the digital units was taken during a time period when he was out of control, overdosing on drugs in hotel rooms, and he now was worried about being blackmailed.

The prostitute asked him if that was his concern, and he said, “Yeah in some way yeah,” and that was because “My dad [inaudible] running for president.”

Hannity demanded to know why there has not been FBI action, stating that the FBI has had possession on of information about Hunter Biden “for quite some time.”

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