God is not sending a man to save you, America

That’s actually the good news, America. God is not sending a man or a woman to save us. “How is that good news?” the cry arises. Well, I think that’s because we are so buggered up by everything that only God, Himself, can save us.

That’s a sad state of affairs, isn’t it? We are a nation established by God that has allowed wicked, evil men and women to steal our godly heritage from us – and we have bowed down and worshiped with them, rather than calling down God’s judgment upon them for their treachery.

The good news is that since we have ignored the problem – we are oh, so open minded, don’t you know – God has decided to handle both the removal of the wicked from positions of power and their judgment as to guilt, innocence and suitable punishment in their eternal destiny. And no, God does not require an election or a man to accomplish His Will.

Many churches don’t believe this. And when I say many churches, I mean many Christian churches. Many Christian churches have worked very hard to make themselves indistinguishable from the world, in hopes of becoming more acceptable to the world. In becoming indistinguishable from the world, they became of little or no use to God in saving people from hell. Churches developed a form of godliness, but denied the power thereof.

Flash message for the Christian church: God does not act on a natural, human scale. That is not who He is. God acts on a supernatural level, to affect everything within Creation – both physical things and organic matter (people) – to align with His desires and His Will. God does not need humanity to accomplish His Will upon the earth or anywhere else!

God has told us this in His Word from the very beginning. He spoke the world and everything there is into existence. Put simply God’s words become His Will, which becomes everyone’s reality.

Today the news industry is trying to replicate God’s effect with their words, except they are aligned with the dark side, speaking the devil’s evil agenda into existence with their lying tongues in support of the false gods they have come to worship. This is how the “well, you know … everything is going to get worse and worse, and then the end will come” crowd serves the devil’s outcome, by repeating his desired outcome and adding mankind’s affirmation of these words in opposition to what God has already told us in His Word. Don’t expect great reward for this, and if this is what you are doing, stop it!

All of us have both God’s Words and His Will as expressed in the Bible. So how did the Big Bang (time, chance and natural causes) come to be taught to school children in taxpayer-funded schools?

The scientific method is an important and useful tool created by humanity for us to investigate the mysteries of the natural world. It is also open to incredible abuse by power-hungry, government-funded tyrants who want to erase all knowledge of God, or replace that memory with the dark forces that they worship to gain power over us. Their minds are hideously corrupted by what they worship. Why would we imagine they have anything to teach us, or even more hideously, our children? Why would we let them use our money to force converts among our children?

Perhaps it was the children that have drawn God’s direct action? Jesus was quite clear on the fate of those who hindered the children of His day from coming unto Him. Do you think He has changed His mind since then? Do you think He is impressed with His Bride’s actions since He left her in charge? Pray for her. She has been poorly taught for her time now by some of the shepherds. Yet she will arise to accomplish God’s Will, because His Word does not return unto him void.

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