Green Bay joins other Wisconsin cities in banning illegal ballot drop boxes

(Image courtesy Unsplash)
(Image courtesy Unsplash)

They may not be huge yet, but there are ways that the 2022 and 2024 elections likely are going to be cleaner and more reliable than the 2020 results.

That’s because Green Bay has become the fourth Wisconsin city to ban the use of illegal ballot drop boxes.

Those were used commonly across the country during the 2020 ballot, and famously became an issue with the documentary “2000 Mules” explaining how individuals, during late election night, repeatedly approached unattended ballot drop boxes in several states.

The warning was that those “mules” were, or could have been, carrying armloads of ballots for Joe Biden.

Those drop boxes are legal in some states, but not in Wisconsin. Still, Democrats there installed them for 2020, which resulted in a state victory for Biden.

It now has become evident it was just one of multiple election influence operations going on. One was the $420 million Mark Zuckerberg handed over to local election officials, including some in Wisconsin, to help “run” their election processes. They often used the money to recruit voters from Democrat strongholds.

The second was the suppression by legacy and social media of the damaging but accurate reporting by the New York Post about the Biden family’s international business schemes, some of which may have been with America’s enemies, and may have profited Joe Biden.

One commentator has blamed the FBI for stealing the election from President Trump, as it was the FBI that contacted Facebook and warned about “Russian disinformation” that it thought would be coming.

The result was the suppression of the Biden stories.

It is the Thomas More Society that reported Green Bay is the fourth Wisconsin city “to back down in the face of voter lawsuits over the use of unmanned absentee ballot drop boxes in elections.”

The organization, which has been fighting for election integrity on multiple levels, said a Brown County Circuit Court hearing was the scene of its win.

“On August 31, 2022, the attorney for Green Bay told the presiding judge that the city will no longer use the illegal ballot drop boxes in elections. Green Bay’s defense was declared moot following a July 8, 2022, Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling affirming that the absentee ballot drop boxes are illegal and that the Wisconsin Election Commission’s advisory opinion to the state’s municipal clerks that they could use these boxes was legally unauthorized,” the legal team explained.

That lawsuit had been filed in May, arguing the use of the drop boxes violated state election law.

Cases involving Kenosha and Racine ended up with similar results earlier.

“This is indeed a victory for the voters,” declared Erick Kaardal, lawyer for the center. “Wisconsin’s elections have been riddled with illegal practices as a result of financial inducement by a partisan player infusing the state’s electoral process with dark money. We are pleased that the Wisconsin Supreme Court has vindicated our lawsuits by affirming the use of these unmanned absentee ballot drop boxes as illegal. However, there is still much work to be done the root out the infection that has corrupted the Wisconsin vote.”

The case against Milwauke is scheduled in court next week.

A hearing for Madison was scheduled, but then city officials announced they also would not use the illegal absentee ballot drop boxes.

A commentary at DJHJMedia said, “Independent investigations in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania this year revealed that 7% of the ballots dropped into drop boxes in the 2020 election were illegally harvested. True the Vote has released innumerable videos showing people depositing stacks of votes in those boxes in multiple states.”

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