Greetings from your friendly neighborhood domestic terrorist

Domestic terrorism has been very much in the news lately. That’s because you, me, the kitchen sink and the dust bunnies under our beds are newly classified as a danger to America and threats to national security. Consider this political cartoon in which Biden declares we have a two-party system: Democrats and Domestic Terrorists.

Democrats have been indulging in the ultimate gaslighting over the last couple years by painting ordinary law-abiding citizens as domestic terrorists. If you burn down a community in the name of George Floyd, you’re celebrated. If you speak at school board meetings, you’re a domestic terrorist.

The definition of domestic terrorism, in the true Soviet style, is deliberately vague but menacing so it can be applied to anyone whose opinions are inconvenient. The National Defense and Authorization Act’s definition of “domestic terrorism” refers to “unlawful use or threat of force of violence in furtherance of ideological agendas” in the context of political or anti-government extremism. Now apply this to parents at a school board meeting and the burning of Kenosha, Wisconsin. The former are treated as domestic terrorists; the latter aren’t.

When a judge sentenced a non-violent crane operator named Paul Hodgkins (who has no prior criminal record) to eight months in prison for the crime of spending 22 minutes roaming the U.S. Senate floor with a Trump flag on Jan. 6 of last year, the judge plainly admitted the punishment wasn’t so much based on the man’s individual guilt, but on the idea of “balanced” justice. This sentence, notes Hudson Crozier in The Federalist, “implies one may be considered a terrorist by virtue of being within geographical distance of what terrorists are doing if one’s political leanings are on a similar spectrum.”

Ah, there’s the crux of the matter. Hodgkins had a Trump flag. That’s guilt enough. Punish him! He’s a domestic terrorist!

This judge got his jollies handing down heavy sentences to non-violent Jan. 6 protesters for no other reason than the “need to deter others especially in cases of domestic terrorism,” thus demonstrating the willingness to weaponized federal convictions as a cudgel. Now consider very carefully: Who’s the domestic terrorist?

Endless things are now defined as domestic terrorism. Questioning the 2020 election. Supporting ivermectin as a COVID treatment. Speaking at school board meetings. Wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirt. What’s next, refusing a dangerous vaccine? (Oh wait …) We’re no longer just deplorables clinging to guns and religion; we’re domestic terrorists, by golly.

This is why Matthew Olsen, head of the U.S. Justice Department’s National Security Division, confirmed the formation of a domestic terrorism unit, claiming the number of domestic terrorism cases under investigation by the FBI “has more than doubled” since March 2020. Olsen can’t offer specific examples or data supporting the claim, and he also admitted no “domestic terror” statute is on the books. But hey, let’s not let a little thing like the law or the Bill of Rights get in the way of punishing political opinion.

There’s a touch of fanaticism amidst all these wild accusations, a mad-eyed and desperate attempt to prop up a failing régime, while pretending the only successful and constitutional leadership we’ve had in the last few generations was somehow illegitimate and evil.

I mean, who can forget when the Department of Homeland Security claimed white Americans – all 253 million of us – are “domestic violent extremists” who support the Taliban and are “poised” to carry out terror attacks at any moment?

As attorney John Lucas put it, “The real danger to our republic is the Joe Biden administration’s totalitarian effort to label millions of ordinary Americans as supporters of terrorists.” Anyone who disagrees with the Biden administration’s agenda is now, ipso facto, a domestic terrorist. Whee!

Remember, folks, if they can’t find enough “domestic terrorists,” they’ll manufacture them out of thin air. Consider the hilariously clumsy Gretchen Whitmer kidnap plot or the laughable FBI-created “Patriot Front” (which Wikipedia solemnly informs us is “an American nationalist, white supremacist, and neo-fascist hate group,” as if anyone believes that). And of course, it’s becoming plain the “riot” part of the Jan. 6 rally was fueled by FBI provocateurs. This, folks, is what happens when leftists are in charge.

Interestingly, citizens of all suasions – including liberals – are seeing the effect of a purely Democratic administration on such topics as energy independence, border control, supply-chain issues, vaccine mandates and soft-on-crime policies. Most don’t like what they see. Even die-hard progressives are beginning to understand the current administration is not working in the best interests of America. No wonder Biden’s poll numbers hover around 33%. No wonder his very presence is considered “poison” to Democrats seeking reelection.

The name of the game, apparently, is gaslighting. Boldly stating bad is good, up is down, left is right … that’s how to convince people that parents concerned about their children’s education are BAD (domestic terrorists) but burning down a city is GOOD (protests against “systemic racism”). By desperately painting any and all involvement with Jan. 6 as comparable to 9/11 and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Biden administration is attempting to rewrite history so future generations won’t ever rise up and question their slave masters.

In just the last year, notes Parker Beauregard, “we have lost basic First Amendment rights, are on our way to losing Second Amendment rights, and the 10th Amendment might as well not even exist at this point. But – and this is a big but – they have the gall to tell us Donald Trump was a threat to democracy.”

In fact, the “extremists” are now including those on both sides of the political spectrum who refuse to knuckle under to the radical leftist agenda. Most people, liberal or conservative, simply want to be left alone to live their lives, raise their children and mind their own business in a law-abiding society. But that’s not good enough for the extreme leftists in power. They prefer to pit us against each other until the house becomes divided and falls. They will then create a Utopia from the ashes. Just ask Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. He’s got it all figured out.

So, as a constitutional conservative, I offer greetings from your friendly neighborhood domestic terrorist. If the FBI puts on its spy hat, they can watch as we plan our spring garden, build a chicken coop, attend church and stoke our woodstove. Viva la Revolución.

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