The hidden value of Islam's 'gift cards'

Retailers love gift cards. Why? They bring in immediate cash without an immediate need to provide a product, with approximately 51% going unused.

Similarly, Islam issues gift cards to believers, containing a hidden redeemable value to use, or not, as they choose. Just like retailer gift cards have a maximum redeemable monetary value, so too does the Quran issue a maximum redeemable gift card value to believers. Theirs, however, are not issued in monetary terms but in terms of non-believers’ lives for those Muslims seeking to meet their religious obligations.

To better understand this, one first must understand what the Quran and its teachings tell us. This is especially important now due to U.S. House passage on Dec. 14 of H.R. 5665, known as the “Combating International Islamophobia Act.” Introduced by anti-Semite Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., the bill passed, without a single Republican vote, perhaps because they understand Islam’s redeemable gift card value.

A millennium ago, Muslims were confused by the Quran’s teachings as some earlier verses that encouraged harmony with non-believers were contradicted by later verses, promoting violence toward them. Seeking to dispel this confusion, in the 10th century, Islamic scholars adopted the concept of “abrogation,” meaning wherever an earlier verse conflicted with a later one, the latter invalidated the former.

Such confusion was surprising. After all, the Quran was allegedly dictated by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad through the Archangel Gabriel, and, as Islam promotes, Allah is supposedly a perfect god. Arguably, a perfect god would not have created an imperfect holy book, miring it with such confusion.

The real reason for the confusion was not an imperfect god but an imperfect scammer. The earlier, tolerant verses toward non-believers provided by Muhammad resulted from his seeking acceptance of Islam by the masses, taking a softer approach to do so. Only later, as Muslim armies forced Islam upon the masses did later verses take an intolerant approach.

But abrogation paved the way for Islam to promote several beliefs: No god existed but Allah; Islam was to rule the world; and all other religions were to be subservient to it. These teachings were memorialized after Muhammad’s death by a seventh century caliph named “Umar” (or “Omar”). Having conquered Christians in Syria, Omar entered into a pact giving them three options under Islamic rule:

1. Convert to Islam;
2. Remain Christian but pay tribute, accepting a humiliating lesser status; or
3. Die by the sword.

Even to this day, Westerners remain highly ignorant about these “Conditions of Omar” – now part of Shariah law. As the terrorist group ISIS cut its swath across the Middle East during President Barack Obama’s tenure, it sought to impose these conditions upon all non-Muslims, including moderate Muslims, mostly using the third option. And, although ISIS is an extremist practitioner of Islam, the foremost Sunni Islamic educational institution in the world today – Al Azhar University in Egypt, from which one might expect a moderate interpretation – embraced the Conditions in 1991.

Islam’s worldview is simple. It divides the world into two parts – Dar al-Islam (House of Islam) and Dar al-harb (House of War). The first division refers to all territories under Islamic rule and, therefore, existing in a state of peace, with the second division referencing all territories not yet under Islamic rule which, therefore, exist in a state of war with Islam.

The belief Islam is superior to all other religions, which therefore must submit to it, was naively recognized by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in 2019 with Rep. Omar’s entry into the House. For 181 years, the House enforced a rule no members were to wear head coverings of the floor. Pelosi lifted the ban to accommodate Omar. While Pelosi’s intent might have been cultural inclusiveness, Muslims like Omar viewed it as submission to Islam.

From this initial door opening for Islamic influence, Omar has mounted her anti-America campaign, most recently reflected by introducing H.R. 5665. She and her progressive Squad members use their congressional podium to push their pro-Muslim/anti-U.S./anti-Semitic rhetoric.

While non-Muslims may take comfort believing most Muslims are moderates and, therefore, will not redeem the card’s full value, we need to remember the words of Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan. He adamantly disagrees with this, noting in 2017, “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam, and that’s it.'” He suggested the only reason non-believers push a moderate Islam version is to weaken the religion.

As the House considered passage of H.R. 5665 above, Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Gregory Meeks, D-N.Y., read into the record President Joe Biden’s statement, signifying “our country’s commitment to defending freedom of religion,” reinforcing our belief “that people of all faiths and backgrounds should be treated with equal dignity and respect around the world.” While claiming a rise of anti-Muslim bigotry in America, Biden remained silent about Islam’s issuance of a death warrant against all other religions.

As our legislators rush to demonstrate equality for all religions, they ignore the violence Islam alone calls for toward other religions. This unfortunate truth was also ignored by a Florida school board that recently declared Eid al-Fitr an official school holiday to placate Muslims objecting to the recognition of Jewish and Christian holidays but not theirs.

An Islamic gift card effectively becomes a loaded gun for believers to carry with them, to use, or not, as they see fit; however, lest non-believers be labeled Islamophobic, they dare not challenge disarming them. And, as Masih Alinejad, an Iranian-American journalist and female-rights activist, points out, a major flaw of H.R. 5665 is its failure to provide a clear definition of Islamophobia, leaving human rights critics of Shariah law inequalities susceptible to such claims.

Since 2020, Nigeria’s Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram has executed 3,530 Christians – more than any other nation – believing, “Allah will reward them.” Despite this violent, anti-Christian mindset, evident during the tenure of President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well, no effort was made to include Nigeria on the list of Countries of Particular Concern for tolerating violations of religious freedom until President Donald Trump did so. Last year, apparently more concerned about reversing Trump policies than about Christian genocide, Biden astonishingly removed Nigeria from that list.

The Nazi blueprint for the fate of Jews in World War II was laid out in “Mein Kampf.” But Western civilization refused to believe Adolf Hitler really wanted Jews dead. Jewish Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel later noted, “When someone says they want to kill you, believe them.” Seven decades after the Holocaust, we ignore Wiesel’s counsel by refusing to believe what the Conditions of Omar tell us about our own fate. It is unwise to do so considering, of 195 nations of the world, Islam plays a significant role in 56 of them.

Today, non-Muslims must never forget that Muslims with whom they interact may, at any time, choose to fully redeem their gift cards. H.R. 5665 will have us believe it is Islamophobic to express concerns about such a card – but it is not. It is simply a sad reality of life triggered by Islam’s founding.

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