Have we earned the right to be American?

Near the end of what is arguably the best war movie ever made, “Saving Private Ryan,” the dying Capt. John Miller whispers in the ear of the private he risked his life to rescue, “James, earn this. Earn it.”

At the very end of the film, we fast forward 50 years and see an older James Ryan approach the Normandy grave of Miller. Overwrought by the emotion of the moment, Ryan stands before the headstone and states, “I hope that at least in your eyes I have earned what all of you have done for me.”

He continues, “Tell me I have a led a good life. Tell me I’m a good man.” His wife touches his arm and assures him, “You are.” This scene needs to be watched and rewatched to be appreciated.

In the nearly 80 years since D-Day, thanks to its heroes, America has enjoyed the most sane, secure and prosperous years in the history of the world. Some of us have lived all of those 80 years. All of us have lived some of them.

The question we have to ask ourselves at this juncture, “Have we earned this? Have we earned it?” Have we done enough – have we done anything? – to earn our right to the title, “citizen of the United States of America”?

If we do not get out the vote this election cycle, the answer is likely no. If we fail to vote, the answer is absolutely not.

There is no guarantee that the person you support will win, but as Plato reminded us, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

Today, those who run as Democrats for national office – or support Democrats – are your inferiors. They may do better on Wordle than you and have more academic degrees – calling “Doctor” Jill – but they are so lacking in either common sense, emotional maturity, or both that they are, in fact, your inferior.

This election season Democrats have acknowledged as much. They are afraid of you. They have ducked debates in several key state races – embarrassingly so in Arizona and New York – because they have nothing to say that will convince any thinking adult about anything.

In the last several years alone, these bewildered souls have fallen prey to one self-destructive mania after another, none of which is defensible in the public square.

They went full Chicken Little over COVID, groveled before the Marxist racketeers of Black Lives Matter, cheered on male athletes competing against females, encouraged doctors to mutilate their children and sounded one false alarm after another about climate change.

When the Supreme Court returned to the states and the people of those states the right to make their own abortion laws, Democrats went screaming into the night. As they proved during the COVID lockdowns, the very idea of freedom frightens them. “Liberty means responsibility,” said George Bernard Shaw. “That is why most men dread it.”

To sell any of their programs, they have to disguise them. The fight to prevent women from reproducing goes under the rubric “reproductive rights.” The effort to castrate children or remove their breasts they call “gender affirming care.” When global warming paused, activists only had to rename their bugaboo “climate change,” and the frightened flocks followed along unquestioning.

Never before in our history have so many undeserving people held so much power – the presidency, both chambers of Congress, the intel community, the media, Big Tech, Hollywood. And they earned not a bit of it. If proof were needed of their cravenness, Elon Musk provided it.

One little crack in that wall of power has so frightened these sheep that many now scurry for some cyber safe space where they can continue to convince each other that 2 plus 2 equals 5.

Nov. 8 gives us more chance – maybe one last chance – to send these fools packing and preserve the republic. Earn this.

For more information, see www.cashill.com.

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