Here we go! Another summer of radical-leftist violence

Well, it looks like we’re in for another weary summer of horrific violence from the radical left. This time their cause célèbre is the Supreme Court leak concerning Roe v. Wade, but the issue hardly matters. For these radicals, the important thing is just to pick something and run with it. Isn’t it interesting how the solution for every disagreement is “fiery but peaceful” violence?

It helps that it’s now May and the weather is decent. Fiery-but-peaceful violence is always the most enjoyable when the sun is shining and the temperatures are forgiving. Who wants to riot in a blizzard? That’s no fun.

In fact, the word “violence” pretty much sums up the difference in political activism between the left and the right. As writer J.D. Heyes put it, “The right seeks to convince others their policy prescriptions are the best by using reasoning, logic, examples and superior arguments. The left doesn’t care about debate, logic or reasoning and instead instinctively resorts to violence in order to force their will on others.”

What’s hilarious is how the left (including the mainstream media) persists in portraying conservatives as the violent ones. Their favorite example, of course, is the Jan. 6 rally, which they’re still clinging to and painting as the worst thing since 9/11 or Pearl Harbor. Pathetic.

Just last Wednesday, Biden said, “This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.” Oh really. Tell that to the people in Kenosha.

“Liberal” used to mean open-minded and accepting – that’s why it once was called a “liberal arts education.” Now “liberal” means a mind pugnaciously closed to anything and everyone except one narrow viewpoint. Leftists believe opponents to the liberal agenda are not just wrong; they are evil and must be silenced by any means possible – including violence, intimidation and death. This is being “liberal”?

The political left is increasingly turning to violence to get their way, especially since they’ve demonstrated they can get their way through force. After all, if the government doesn’t compel you to behave the way the left wants, they’ll fall back on their tried-and-true tactic of aggression and intimidation. With the tacit approval of city, state and federal leaders, mob justice is becoming the norm.

Additionally, the left is incapable of logic and reason. Because they are impervious to these qualities, they’ll shut down debate rather than be faced with the inadequacies of their own arguments. Instead, they either “project” their own traits and qualities and behaviors onto their opponents, or they gaslight like crazy. Both are the tactics of mentally limited cowards driven purely by emotion and feeeelings.

Now with the Supreme Court leak, the left is pitching hysterical scenarios with utterly no evidence, such as claiming the right wants to ban interracial marriages (huh?) or reverse LGBT policies. Leftist politicians are either ignoring the violence, or tacitly endorsing it, or even outright calling for it preemptively. Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot, presiding over one of the most violent cities in America, is demanding a “call to arms” against the right. “Progressives are literally stoking the coals to start a fire that simply is nonexistent,” notes Blaine L. Pardoe with American Thinker. “In doing so, they are complacent in whatever violence may come.”

And of course, everyone from local district attorneys up to the federal Department of Justice refuses to prosecute violent offenders, so of course the violence will continue. Duh. Who cares if Supreme Court justices are being threatened and intimidated (a federal offense)? Big deal. They deserve it.

As Tucker Carlson put it, “So, the message to Joe Biden’s abortion militia could not have been clearer: Go forth and terrorize.”

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Considering how collectively opposed to firearms they are, I never cease to marvel at how brutal and sadistic the left is. But why are they like this? Why do they get their jollies burning blameless businesses and beating up innocent people and making entire cities nearly unlivable? Why do they vehemently oppose free speech from everyone except their own echo chamber? Why do they shut down everything from social media to campus speakers to prevent opposing viewpoints from being heard?

The left has always been prone to violence, but why has it ratcheted up so strongly in the last few years? It could be they’re scared. Trump’s presidency made them realize the nation is far more conservative than they ever thought possible. Had they not blatantly stolen the 2020 election, they would have lost in a landslide. As it is, the left is hemorrhaging vast quantities of the very people they spent decades cultivating (notably blacks and Hispanics). The midterm elections (barring widespread fraud, which I think very probable) will likely result in a red tidal wave the likes of which few progressives have ever seen. So yeah, they’re scared.

But at some deeper level, it comes down to a question of morality. The left has no moral compass. It’s been bred out of them. What I call the Five Big Evils (Big Tech, Hollywood, public education, mainstream media, government) cultivate this lack of morality, celebrate it, reward it. As a result, a tremendous number of elements are now concentrating to create a subculture of anarchy.

These radicals no longer understand the concept of right or wrong. They only understand the concept of immediate gratification, like a bunch of 2-year-olds in adult bodies having a collective temper tantrum. These violent temper tantrums, however, kill, maim and destroy the very people they purport to champion. The violence in Kenosha alone destroyed jobs and livelihoods of hardworking immigrants, the working poor and African-Americans. So much for social justice.

This anarchy will continue as long as elected officials continue to treat such lawlessness as both untouchable and praiseworthy. Somehow the radical left has become, as author Sohrab Ahmari notes, “possessed of righteous identities or causes, which is enough to exculpate almost any savagery. … The blue establishment is once more backing – or at least, tacitly approving – the domestic escalation.”

I don’t know what this summer will bring, but it certainly seems to be shaping up to be a repeat of 2020. So if your stores are looted and your downtowns are burned and your city’s murder rate skyrockets this summer, be sure to thank a liberal. They deserve it.

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