Skinny-dipping senators and a tipping point for America

Someone observed, “You can see who’s skinny dipping when the tide goes out,” and in case you missed it, it just did. Thank God. And in the spirit of credit where credit is due, thanks also to Sen. Chuck Schumer for orchestrating the revealing clarity – even if you will never be able to unsee the nakedly partisan spectacle.

On Wednesday, 49 well-dressed, fully matured fetuses locked arms in the Senate to advance a bill that would have mirrored the Supreme Court’s fateful decision 50 years ago to make abortion for any whim whatsoever “the law of the land” in every state.

Seventy million lost Americans later – the disproportionate number black Americans – the Senate just attempted a similarly fascist move to prevent states from making the all-important determinations about life and rights for the voiceless “least of these.”

They might as well have screamed from Mr. Schumer’s bullhorn in front of the Court, “Screw States’ Rights! The issue of when life begins is far too important politically to leave it up to stupid voters and their pathetic fly-over state representatives.”

Wednesday’s shameful vote served to expose every Washington emperor who “has no clothes.” And revealingly, it did so by name, as though each is proud of continuing the most liberal abortion policy in the entire developed world.

Given the mind-numbing reverberation of the marbled echo chamber that is today’s progressive Senate, every single grownup fetus with a “D” after his or her name – the lonely exception Joe Manchin, God bless him – thinks such stark exposure might prove helpful for their increasingly uphill midterm elections.

Talk about grabbing straws – or little arms, legs and necks in their case. Desperate times apparently call for equally desperate measures.

However, given the souring mood of the country since the last questionable elections, I have faith in the roughly 150 million former fetuses currently registered to vote to reject the destructive policies and little arm-grabbing the radical left has become notorious for lately.

Millions of former fetuses at the polls will undoubtedly “choose life” as their bigoted, politically incorrect, gender-specific Scriptures admonish. Some voters may even stumble upon the sobering passage contained therein, “If you harm one of these little ones it would be better that a millstone be tied around your neck, and you be cast into the sea,” where the skinny dipping took place.

I’ve often said that certain of America’s ardent, leftist influencers on the Hill “would perform a dozen abortions on the debate stage if it assured their next election and helped them cling to power – with bloody fingernails.”

Again, desperate times … “Sorry kid, my reelection was on the line.”

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It goes without saying that a disproportionate number of said executions would be performed on “fetuses of color,” conforming to their heroine Margaret Sanger’s population control-eugenicist philosophy that each appears to wholeheartedly embrace. “The Negro Project,” as she loved to call it. (Someone remind me again why there’s a single black American who still votes for such people?)

But it makes a little more sense once you better understand their disturbingly nihilistic worldview – the one I attempted to articulate in my recent “pro-life-racist” column.

The useful, if-it-feels-good-do-it “theory” of godless evolution that committed leftists have latched on to with such religious fervor – despite them quoting a verse from the Intelligent Designer’s Book of bigots occasionally, or symbolically sporting ash on their foreheads once a year – makes you and your unborn children just an impossible, genderless, cosmic accident.

In other words, you’re not “fearfully and wonderfully made” at all. You’re a celestial mishap leftists either need to fix or eliminate. Like other fascist regimes throughout history, neither you nor your children have any eternal or intrinsic value beyond your ability to work, pay high taxes and keep them in power.

And we’re reminded loudly that anyone unfortunate enough to still be in the womb for nine months is a worthless clump of protoplasm and goo with a heartbeat, like these 49 senators were before becoming “viable.” Now the surviving-viable sit in Congress where they think its their job to indignantly make politically motivated, life and death decisions for other American protoplasm and goo with a heartbeat in all 50 states.

Please remember that when it comes time to vote. It’s the way they think of you too, regardless of which “trimester” of your meaningless lifespan you find yourself in. It’s an incredibly dangerous and cynical worldview we would do well to tamp down while we still can.

Even though Wednesday’s “procedural vote” was destined to fail from the moment it was roll-called by Mr. Incitement “reap the whirlwind – you won’t know what hit you” Schumer, it should nonetheless be seen every bit as significant as the state-disempowering Roe v Wade decision was for the Supreme Court in 1973.

It should serve as a clarifying, choose-you-this-day-whom-you-will-serve moment, like few other visible benchmarks in American history. As a God-fearing American, get a pen and write down their names, state by state, and use it as voter guide.

Please use your voice and vote like never before. You and your future generations have everything to lose. Passive complicity with the most liberal and bloody abortion policy in the developed world is no longer an option if our “One Nation Under God” is to survive this dark madness of the soul. Use the tipping point Mr. Schumer so graciously provided us.

Besides, the “millstone” will undoubtedly be a very unpleasant experience.

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