How Brandon first got himself elected to the Senate

My source on this story is an unusual one. I refer here to mob hitman and labor organizer, Frank Sheeran, the central figure in Charles Brandt’s non-fiction saga, “I Heard You Paint Houses.”

When the book was published in 2004, the media took little or no notice of Sheeran’s revelations about Joe Biden, then a U.S. senator from Delaware. When the “Irishman,” the movie version of the book, was produced in 2019, the Biden material did not make the cut.

Ironically, as shall be seen, the 1972 incident in question prefigured in a low-tech way the high-tech shenanigans that got Biden nominally elected president nearly 50 years later.

In a genre filled with mob BS artists, Sheeran makes for an unusually reliable narrator. Brandt, a former prosecutor, interviewed the dying Sheeran over a period of years and fact-checked his accounts to the degree that they could be.

Sheeran’s most startling claim is that he shot and killed Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa. He also claimed to have shot Mafia wild man Joey Gallo, the latter in 1972, the former in 1973. He is very convincing in both accounts.

In Hoffa’s case, Sheeran admitted to no firm knowledge of how the body was disposed of. That was not his job, but he did suspect an informal cremation somewhere in Detroit where the hit went down.

By comparison, Sheeran’s story about Biden is small beer. That said, Sheeran told the story so matter-of-factly and with such convincing detail that the reader is inclined to believe at least the rough outlines of an incident that he imperfectly recounted.

In 1972, Sheeran was serving as president of Teamster Local 326 in Wilmington, Delaware. Toward the end of that year, he received a visit from a prominent Democrat who wanted to talk about the upcoming Senate race.

Earlier that year, Sheeran rejected the request of incumbent Republican Sen. Caleb Boggs to speak to the Local. “He was a personable man with a good reputation,” said Sheeran, “but as far I could tell he was for the corporations in Delaware.”

Although Hoffa supported Richard Nixon, then running for reelection, the union members tended to favor Democrats like Biden, then just 29. “He came and gave his spiel, and he turned out to be a very good talker,” said Sheeran of Biden. “He gave a very good pro-labor speech.”

So when the prominent Democrat stopped by Sheeran’s office before Election Day, Sheeran “was already in Biden’s corner.” The Democrat had a request. Sheeran listened.

The Democrat explained to Sheeran that Boggs’ people had put together a fact sheet showing Boggs’ actual voting record and dispelling the claims that Biden had made against him. The Republicans were prepared to run the fact sheet for a week straight in a special insert in the Wilmington papers leading up to Election Day.

The two Wilmington papers, the Morning News and the Evening Journal, were owned by the same company. At the time, some 90% of Delaware citizens read one or the other or both. Biden’s guy did not want those inserts to run.

Lacking any reliable contacts of his own within the papers’ union, the Biden guy asked Sheeran if he could arrange an informational picket line.

Sheeran had no inside union contacts either, but he did not need them. “I told him I would hire some people and put them on the picket line for him,” Sheeran recounted. “They were people nobody would mess with.” For Sheeran, assembling a fake union was no big deal. He had shot and killed Joey Gallo six months prior.

“I thought Biden was better for labor anyway,” said Sheeran. “I told [the Democrat] that once we put up the picket line I would see to it that no truck driver crossed that picket line.” The Teamsters were prepared to honor the informational picket line whose members Sheeran himself had recruited.

“The line went up and the newspapers were printed,” Sheeran told Brandt, “but they stayed in the warehouse and they never were delivered.” Come election, Biden got 50.5% of the vote on a day Nixon won 49 states including Delaware by a 60-40 margin. One suspects the union guys may have done more than block the delivery of the papers.

Biden turned 30 later that November, the minimum age for a senator, and in January 1973 launched a 50-year career that was largely irrelevant until it became disastrous.

By election season 2020, Biden and his party had alienated most of America’s working men and women, but they no longer needed the rank and file to prevent a newspaper from delivering the news.

When the New York Post broke a sensational story about Hunter Biden’s laptop two weeks before the election, the titans of Big Tech and Big Media threw up their own electronic picket lines and refused to let the truth get to their audiences.

Big Tech and Big Media did their best as well to suppress any news of Ben Schreckinger’s 2021 book, “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power.” Among the book’s claims is that Jill Biden’s former husband, Bill Stevenson, raised $3,000 to fund Sheeran’s picket line.

“History repeats itself,” said Karl Marx, “first as tragedy, second as farce.” But in Biden’s case, Marx had it exactly backwards. The farce came first. The tragedy is still unfolding.

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