If it's good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me

My grandfather Isadore “Izzy” Klayman escaped from a small village near Odessa in the Ukraine just a few years after the Bolshevik Revolution. His father, Meyer, had been smuggled out of what then was part of Russia a few years earlier, and landed in Philadelphia, Pennyslvania, getting a job in a meatpacking plant as a butcher. Indeed, this was the family trade back in old country. Saving money, Meyer later sent for his wife, my great grandmother, Bubba Raisal, and young Izzy and his sister Rose, who as Jews would not have had a “guaranteed” long life expectancy in the USSR, given the intense anti-Semitism of the Communists and their historic persecution in Russia.

Given that my grandfather hailed from a peasant village, where birth records were not kept, Izzy, when he entered the United States at Ellis Island in New York City, did not know his birth date. When the immigration officer asked him to identify his birthday, he responded only: “Give me Christmas. If It’s good enough for Jesus, its good enough for me.”

My grandfather was a proud Jew, and at one time he wanted to be a rabbi. Instead, he continued the family trade in the food business, opening a grocery store and then a meatpacking operation, in which my father, Herman, and Uncle Benny Klayman partnered with him. It was called “I. Klayman & Co.,” and it grew into the largest independent pork-packing plant on the East Coast by the time it was driven out of business – brought about by the stupid wage-price freeze of Nixon’s economic adviser Alan Greenspan. At its end, the operation slaughtered over 5,000 hogs per day. You could say that my family knew how to bring home the bacon!

Years later I would quip when asked how and why I came to fight powerful deadly criminals like Bill and Hillary Clinton, whose administration saw the “fatal disappearance” of over 80 material witnesses to their myriad of scandals, that working in my family’s meatpacking plant as a youngster, where I was a “teenage butcher,” taught me how to “slice and dice.” To take on the criminals and the corrupt legal establishment in our nation’s capital for now going on 44 years, one has to be tough but also ethical and moral!

And that was my grandfather Izzy in a nutshell. To his dying day, he was a spiritually religious man. Indeed, as a young boy I would ask him about his faith coupled with the kind humanitarian deeds he did, not just for fellow Jews, but for everyone! As just one example, the blacks who worked at I. Klayman & Co. loved him, and despite being the boss along with my father and uncle, he would frequently go down on the kill and cutting room floors and work side by side with them, even when he did not have to – just to show his solidarity. He and my grandmother Freda, when they had their grocery store, would often hand out free food to the poor, even during the Great Depression when they themselves were on their financial backs.

This caring and generosity for mankind marked Izzy as a true disciple of Jesus. Indeed, when I would ask him at lunchtime breaks at the pork plant, when he would take me to eat with him at Horn & Hardart restaurant in the northeast section of Philly, if he believed in Christ, my grandfather would answer, “Why not? God can do whatever he desires.” For a Jew, albeit one with a pork business, to respond in this way showed me that our Savior was real.

Intellectually, I thus came to believe in Jesus myself, even with my schooling in Hebrew school, which was necessary for me to be bar mitzvah’ed at age 13, the time Jewish boys are scheduled to enter into adulthood. But it was not until Yeshua, the Hebrew name for Jesus, came to me on two occasions, during difficult periods in my life, that I truly became a Christian, albeit a Jewish one, much like our Savior, a simple rabbi born to Mary and Joseph in a manger.

I chronicle my becoming a Jewish Christian in my autobiography, “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment,” and in some of my past weekly columns in this fine and courageous publication.

And I am indeed blessed, because not many people have actually had the experience to have our Lord and Savior speak directly to them. But if people would open up their hearts to Him as my grandfather and later his grandson did, His presence would be experienced.

I have always believed in going directly to the source. And, while I respect rabbis, ministers and priests and try to listen respectfully to their teachings, my own way of praying is to transcend and talk directly to the Father and His Son. I do not need intermediaries. Each to his own, and as Izzy used to say, some people drive Cadillacs and others Lincolns, but they both will get you to the same destination if one is righteous and opens his heart.

This Christmas, when the nation is on the ropes and revolution is just around the corner, as I write in my new book, “It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry!” remember that Jesus himself was a revolutionary. For starters, He and the Father destroyed the corrupt high priests and brought down the evil and oppressive Romans. Now with God and His Son’s grace and glory, we must take a pledge this Christmas Day to be Their servants and vanquish the radical leftists who will soon attempt to enslave us via the incoming Biden-Harris regime.

This Christmas reflect that Jesus is with us, and that we can overcome all with His and the Father’s Divine Providence, just as our Founding Fathers did, as inscribed in the Declaration of Independence, on July 4, 1776! But the Father and His Son will not countenance our sitting around watching and being entertained by the cynical and profiteering scandal industry on cable news. We must act ourselves to save the nation from the leftist barbarians, not much better than the Romans who crucified Jesus, who are now inside our gates and are bent on destroying us from within!

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