Is President Biden reaching his 'pull-by' date?

The last stolen presidential election I remember was John F. Kennedy. The state most involved was Illinois. Somehow the unions were involved, but I don’t know if it was simply turnout, or if the means were more nefarious. Shortly after JFK took office, however, an executive order allowing unionization of the federal government workforce was issued under JFK’s signature. Given the time between then and now, it is arguably the most costly executive order ever issued.

There are so many stories about JFK’s ultimate assassination that there is literally something for everyone. Whatever or whomever you suspect, someone has probably written a book about it. So really, almost all of us can be right, no matter what we believe.

I can tell you from childhood memories, however, that the murder of a sitting president has serious consequences on the nation’s citizenry, because it is an attack on the nation, itself. That is why I sincerely hope it does not happen again.

But this isn’t about JFK. It’s about America. The Ukraine-Russia war has released hell on the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. Most of them do not understand representative democracy. They think that the nation, and its people, belong to them, because they were elected or appointed to a position in the federal government. Perhaps that is why the Founders worked so hard to limit the FedZilla’s incoming revenue, and why the House of Representatives has to approve FedZilla’s expenditures in an annual budget.

The brilliant move the Founders made was to limit FedZilla to income from imported products. This move at once made FedZilla a partner with the people, because if the people became prosperous, so would FedZilla (through excise taxes levied on foreign products purchased here in America).

Once FedZilla became unhitched, so to speak, from Team America through the IRS and domestic taxes, many in the federal government began to view citizens as slaves who could be exploited for taxation value. Almost all of us alive today have grown up under this system. Trump made a good effort to reinstate tariffs, which FedZilla nearly universally hated.

Back to our original concerns about Resident Biden’s continued health, and the exposure of his son Hunter’s financial relationships with Ukraine and the biolabs the U.S. built there to conduct experiments and research that would have been illegal in this nation, and most other nations. China (think Wuhan), the United States and Ukraine seem to have been not too concerned about the kinds of experiments going on in biolabs. These facilities seem to have been cathedrals for those who worship “science” at any price, even the destruction of humanity and the rest of God’s creation.

The lack of a moral compass is a fairly reliable indicator of three-letter-agency involvement. Even Big Media are now beginning to talk about how Hunter Biden’s broken/fixed laptop is oozing with secrets about alphabet-agency funding involved in these projects. I believe the coming exposures are ugly enough that they will bring down any of these alphabet agencies that were involved. Black budgets have never been a good idea for a free society. They completely neuter a representative democracy.

The politicians and bureaucrats will attempt to save their jobs and retirements, by shifting blame to the alphabet agencies, even though they gave the agencies the money to conduct these horrific experiments. The agencies will fight back, to preserve their own existence.

One of the ways these agencies fight back is through false flag operations. If WWIII via the Ukraine-Russia conflict does not work for them, we should expect another effort to distract the public and warn unfriendly (to them) politicians. A false flag operation that removed a sitting president would provide these agencies with the ability to shift blame to whatever group of Americans they think represents the greatest threat to their continued existence.

A much better way for these alphabet agencies to get rid of the Bidens would be the 25th Amendment. If there were ever a case where a president’s mental faculties were in doubt, Joe is the poster boy, from even before he became president.

Either way the cackler would (briefly) become president. At this point, one wonders if she could be any worse. Actually, Kamala is not all that far from Karma, is it? Unfortunately, any removal of Joe beyond the 25th Amendment would provide these agencies the ability to split America into multiple tribes, which they could then set upon one another through civil war.

I bring this up reluctantly. Just understand, nothing is off-limits to these people at this point in time. People of good moral character seem to be in short supply in these agencies. The big thing to remember, is that if you are a person who prays, you are in intimate contact with the One who created everything that exists, including ourselves and our world. Repentance goes a long way in the currency of heaven. God has been known to move heaven and earth in response to that fascinating figure known in the Bible as the Bride.

Israel, going back in their history, thought they were the Bride. Jesus came, and Israel’s religious people plotted the end of the Bridegroom at the cross, so they may have excluded themselves, yet God’s grace is without limit. In modern times, the churches believe they are the Bride. I’ve attended a lot of churches during my lifetime, and I’m still skeptical.

That leaves a collection of individuals that remain close to the Bridegroom, through prayer and intercession. If you think that’s you, then this is a call for you to have a conversation with our Father about the problems you see here on earth, and ask that He solve them in His own time and own way. Since God always sees the end from the beginning, He is likely to choose the best method for fixing our present circumstances.

Godspeed, to all of us who wish to see America and the world saved. is the home of the Armageddon Story novel series. Earth’s Final Kingdom, Vol 4, is now available in paper and ebook.

“The Sacred Journey,” by Brian Simmons, will explain the Bride to you. My publisher has it for sale here.

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