ISIS offers threatening religious chant for holiday season

ISIS supporters are distributing online an audio clip of a new holiday tune.

It’s called “Coldly kill them with hate and rage.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute said the clip was posted on the social media platform Telegram with the hashtag #MerryChristmas.

MEMRI said the “nasheed,” an Islamic religious chant, urges followers “to carry out attacks in the name of ISIS to seek vengeance for Muslims who have been killed in the past, and to join its efforts to fight on behalf of the Islamic religion and to terrorize its enemies.”

The performer is not identified, MEMRI said, and the recording appears to be a personal undertaking, since it was not professionally produced by the the ISIS central media organ.

The post of the song on Telegram included a poster featuring a Christmas tree with a bomb attached to it and the caption: “Just Terror 2020. Here are their holidays at your doorsteps, and we are here too! And we are about to enter them with you!”

Telegram has been a platform for ISIS to post breaking news and photo reports, since Facebook, Twitter and others have cracked down on content by terrorists.

The lyrics include:

  • “Stab them, shoot them or a blast, Make their media cry and broadcast, The khilafah [the caliphate, i.e. ISIS]”
  • “Raid them, to destroy their might, It’s an order, just to remind, For you’re here after eye insight”
  • “It is our only routine, Coldly kill them with hate and rage, The war did not even start, Make sure you’re doing your part, Aim your rifle right in their hearts … Fill their lives with terror and fear, Pull the trigger and scream takbeer [shout ‘Allah akbar!’], Muslims paid back, please make it clear, Coldly kill them with hate and rage,”
  • “We’ll come kill you, just wait and see, There won’t be anywhere to flee, We’re victorious it’s a decree.”

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