Libtarditis – the forgotten mental failing

It is amazing how a new administration can come into power in America and name as its main accomplishment one year later that it has dismantled the successful policies of its predecessor, both national and international.

Regardless of how the new Biden administration obtained power in the so-called election, one has to wonder at the mental abilities of those who actually voted to install this current crop of Democrat politicians on the national stage.

Illegal immigration over our southern border was completely under control. Just finish building the wall and leave other border policies in place. Take credit and pat yourselves on the back.

The world was essentially at peace, except for the blasphemous dragon known as the CCP threatening Taiwan with its rhetoric.

Russia, America and even North Korea were committed to talking through their differences rather than breaking things and killing people with their respective war machines.

In other words, a functioning, peaceful world and robust economy was handed to the Democrats following the 2020 presidential election.

Libtarditis apparently makes people who are individually rational in their own lives into a seething herd filled with resentment at someone else’s good efforts, creating a desire to tear down what existed and was working and to replace it with a brainchild of their own making, so they can take credit for it going forward. Go ahead and take credit! Just leave it alone!

Believe me, folks, most of us on the other side of the political aisle would have gladly let you rename the existing policies and even take credit for their results, if the poor self-worth conditions so prevalent among your politicians and their voters demanded such actions, rather than to torpedo the whole operation and take out your anger on everyone else in the world.

It’s tempting to just blame the elected libtards for the problem, but that lets millions of Democratic libtards off the hook for a ruined world, just to make themselves appear virtuous in their own eyes, by ridding the political arena of Trump’s mean tweets. “Sure! Burn down the world! We’re not going to have a president who issues mean tweets!”

Let’s be honest: Dementia Joe isn’t a functional president. But you knew that when you voted for him, right? You assumed he’d have good handlers and everything would turn out all right, right? Unfortunately, his closest handler is Dr. Jill Biden – and we all know that she’s not a medical doctor or a psychiatrist, right? She’s got an education doctorate.

Come on, people: What did you expect would happen? You put the entire world under the care of a person who makes educational plans for the nation’s teachers and their unions! Have you been that impressed with the output of American schools of late? Whatever made you think this would be a good idea? What did you expect would happen if we elected an education doctor to run the nation? Scrap the Pledge of Allegiance, and CRT for all! If coronavirus doesn’t abolish private schools, legislate that they all be owned and operated by education doctors, to make sure they are every bit as “good” as public schools.

Libtarditis, folks. It’s a serious problem, and many of your friends and neighbors have it. It seems to be a mainly reactive philosophy to real-world policies producing good results. To those afflicted with this dread disease, the actual results are irrelevant. All they want is something that looks good and sounds nice when it rolls off the tongue. Libtarditis is all about appearances, and who gets credit. Nobody in his right mind would want the result of implementing these Democratic policies across the nation and world. You no sooner sit back to admire your handiwork that the next world war breaks out. But don’t worry: The wartime defeat has already been organized by military commanders taught to admire the beauty of the policies they enacted, not the victory over the enemy, of which there will be none.

I’m sure you can think of other places where Libtarditis will be fatal condition. That’s why it’s important to find out if your friends and relatives are affected. In the end, Libtarditis is always fatal, regardless of how beautiful it looks from the outside. Both practitioners and voters on that side of the aisle are afflicted.

Good luck on promulgating a cure. I only had to write this column to point out the problem. Remember, God gave us a sound mind. Libtarditis is humanity’s enemy; it cannot exist in the presence of God. That’s both the cause and the cure wrapped in one package. Have at it, folks! — Home of the Armageddon Story novel series. Vol. IV,Earth’s Final Kingdom, is now available!

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