Majority of voters personally experiencing supply-chain crisis

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Headlines about the growing supply-chain crisis match the everyday reality of Americans in their personal lives, according to a new poll.

The Trafalgar Group survey commissioned by Convention of States Action found 53.7% percent of American voters say they have personally encountered delays or shortages while only 35.8% say they have not. Another 10.5% say they are not sure.

Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, said that when “you add inflation into the mix, consumers are also paying more for products and have less money to spend.”

“In this economic environment,” he continued, “it’s hard to believe that President Biden continues to be hell bent on aggressively making America less energy independent and thus raising energy prices, pushing for a massive spending bill that will raise taxes on overburdened taxpayers, and pursuing mandates that are putting people out of work.”

Meckler said Washington, D.C., “now represents the single greatest threat to the well-being of American families.”

There was a fairly wide gap between the responses of Republicans and Democrats, with a supermajority of Republicans saying they have personally experienced the disruptions.

The poll found 67.7% of Republicans and just 42.4% of Democratic voters say they have personally encountered delays or shortages when attempting to purchase common consumer products.

Among independents, it was 50.6%.

On Monday, about 200,000 shipping containers remained on ships off the coast of Los Angeles, which would take about two weeks to unload, according to Gene Seroka, the executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, North America’s largest.

“There’s product that needs to get out there in super-fast speed,” Seroka told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “Think about the toys, the other Christmas product, and parts and components for factories.”

Meanwhile, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday offered companies incentives to use ports in his state.

“Florida is here. We’ve got capacity, and we also have incentive packages to make it worth your while to be able to bring your business to our ports,” DeSantis said.

The governor said a European container ship supplier that recently started using the port of Jacksonville to unload was able to bring an extra 1,000 containers a week.

The commissioner of the poll, Convention of States Action, describes itself as a grassroots network of more than 5 million supporters and volunteers that aims to “restore a culture of self-governance in America and to curtail federal overreach.”

It seeks a limited Article V Convention to propose constitutional amendments that impose limitations on the size and scope of the federal government, including a balanced budget requirement and term limits for federal officials.

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