Message for Joe: God called … He wants his nation back

I must confess: It was harder this year than most, but I did find something to be thankful for: God still wants America back. In support of this bold claim, here is a brief summary of the Prodigal Son narrative:

A man has two sons, one older who has helped him faithfully over the years, and one younger, who wants his share of the inheritance now, so he can go it alone. Their father complies. The younger son wastes everything, and returns in shame to his father, asking only that he be treated as a hired hand. His father restores him and treats him like royalty; the older son is angered. (Luke 15:11-32)

I guess when you are as big as God, nations may seem like children, and more often than not, wayward children. Our modern era is much the same as prior modern eras. One can summarize it by the childhood playground words the adult monitor hears just before disaster strikes: “Hey, look at me!”

Given God’s size relative to us, why wouldn’t He look at nations as wayward children? I know, I know, the bigger nations have satellites, their own space junk and maybe even frozen aliens in unheated cages orbiting the Earth.

“We’re not children anymore!” the nations cry out, shaking their weaponized fists in God’s face. Indeed, many today are adding, “We’re in charge now! The Earth belongs to us!”

Is it just me, or is there an echo in the spiritual realm that sounds a lot like, “Hold my beer!” The world has been here before. The Tower of Babel. Noah and the flood. Israel’s Red Sea moment with Egypt. The Assyrian army in Israel’s backyard, where 185,000 soldiers were killed overnight by one death angel.

God has dealt with it before, and he will deal with it now. That’s what He does. He’s the final authority, the righteous judge; the One from whom there is no appeal. The One from whose judgments there is no escape.

During this modern era, the bulk of our churches have scaled God down to a personal-assistant level. They teach, if not overtly, that today God only acts on a personal level among his people. An old “Veggie Tales” song went like this, “God is bigger than the boogie man and he’s watching out for you and me.”

That’s true. But it may have caused us to lose sight that with God, there is always a bigger picture. God has also been watching Satan’s latest plot to take control of humanity unfold for decades now, perhaps even centuries.

Worldwide encounters with God are rare, which is one reason they fade from humanity’s collective memory. Yet the record is clear. All you need do is read the Bible. I mentioned some earlier.

Even our churches seem to have lost the understanding that God can and does intervene in human history. We are about to witness one of the larger ones. Evil on a scale never even imagined by most of us is going to be revealed across the nations of the Earth. National boundaries are going to be redrawn. Dead churches are going to be buried. The arising church is invisible to the world, but beloved by God.

We must understand this: God knows in intricate detail how the Earth functions, because He created it. He knows how the human mind works, because He created it. God even knows how Satan works, because He created him as an angel of light to administer God’s kingdom. Satan became a victim of his own pride and beauty and determined that he would become like God.

Watch now and see how that turns out for the Father of Lies, and those who worship him.

The real Armageddon Story is unfolding now:

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