More Democratic deceit and bigotry in the NFL

You can always tell when the scions descended from the earliest humanoid manifestations of Satan have a socio-political albatross around their collective necks. They always turn to their tried and true defense weapons, i.e., the damnable heresy of melanin being synonymous with a human sub-group and the pretense of concern for women. In brief, they play the minority card.

Both women and the human sub-group erroneously misidentified as a crayon color people, based upon their melanin being more visible, have sworn fealty to the group that has historically abused and subjugated them.

The Democratic Party has been the party of Satan from its inception. It simply transmogrified from “a likeness” of Satan to a full-blown, fully public, no longer hidden image of Marxism, neo-Leninism and Fabianism, which are the triad of Satan.

To the Democrats’ leaders, Women and crayon people are of value only as long as they follow the prescribed mantra. For women that means any women who dare not subscribe to the industrialized murder of children are viewed as traitors to women’s rights.

For the sub-group people identified by melanin content, it means living the entirety of their lives filled with self-inflicted immiseration and the never-ending complaint of socio-inequality based upon the fallacious construct of skin color.

The increasing inability to portray Joe Biden as anything other than a slobbering, cognitively diminished, pathetic excuse for a human being forced the Marxian Democrats to do what they do best – create a diversion based upon melanin content.

To that end, first Biden signed a bill making lynching a federal hate crime. The law is called The Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act. The question sane persons should be asking after drying the tears streaming down their faces from laughing so hard, is when was the last time one of these people was lynched? Till was lynched in a Democratic State controlled by a Democratic governor. The state was a Democratic stronghold, as was nearly 100% of the South in 1955. I’m willing to bet every one of the 3,446 Americans with high melanin lynched over an 86-year period, spanning from 1882 to 1968, were killed at the hands of pale-skin Democrats.

This is anti-conservative-Caucasian-Christian legislation that will be used to demagogue police and increase the value of the currency used to brand those the Marxists disagree with as racist.

The eponymous progeny of Satan are too blind to grasp that fact. They’re asphyxiatingly unconscious to the fact that while they’re celebrating this bill as if it had any value whatsoever, Biden and those controlling him are wholly committed to the extermination of those with higher melanin content.


1 out of 3 black babies – 800 every day – are aborted;

34% of black babies were aborted in 2017;

61.3 million babies have died by abortion in the USA since 1973; 19.4 million were conceived in black American women;

78% of Planned Parenthood clinics are in black or other minority communities.

The greatest value is derived by doubling down on just how unfair life is for the melanin people: Enter the low hanging fruit, which in this case is professional football.

Grant Atkinson, writing for The Western Journal, reported: “The NFL announced Monday [past] that all 32 teams must hire a minority offensive assistant coach for the upcoming season.

“This change is part of an expansion to the Rooney Rule, an NFL policy with a goal ‘to foster and provide opportunity to diverse leadership throughout the NFL,’ according to the league’s website.”

Permit me to say that’s garbage. Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, is a rabid neo-Leninist who would suck blood from a corpse if it furthered the socio-political agenda he views as deity.

Once again those who foolishly view the amount of melanin in a person as summum bonum are blind to the fact that affirmative action and mandated employment is just a reverse form of bigotry and social prejudice. It guarantees mediocrity, because it’s not about choosing or employing the best; it’s about selecting the right showpiece and/or the right sex.

I’ve argued since President Nixon introduced so-called skin-color affirmative action that it was wrong. I had friends who cashed in on melanin content affirmative action who vehemently opposed my not attending the prominent private university they were admitted to, based upon the abundance of melanin they had. I refused the offer, walked out and never looked back, and I certainly never regretted my decision. It was a God-guided decision that benefited me the rest of my academic life, especially many years later when I returned to campus life to pursue my degrees in preparation for ordination after being called into ministry.

These neo-Leninists aren’t pro-women. They only pretend to be pro-women. If they were pro-women, they would be pro-life. If they were pro-women, they wouldn’t classify women as minorities when mathematically women are the majority in America. If they were pro-women, they would defend Title IX.

But then, what do I know?After all, I’m their worst nightmare. I am a born-again Christian male who knows the truth and refuses to retreat one inch in my defense of same. Thus, the reason for their cowardice to debate me on their lies is about melanin.

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