More heat on Google – and it's about time

Did you know Donald Trump and the state of Florida are not the only ones suing Google?

A group of 36 states – and that’s a majority by my count – have sued Google in an anti-trust case challenging the company’s control over its Android app store, opening a new front in efforts to rein in the search monopoly.

Even Washington, D.C. – almost a state – has joined the suit.

The lawsuit, filed in California federal court and led by Utah, North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa and Nebraska, is the latest in a series of major antitrust cases filed against the tech industry’s biggest forces, after years of brewing unhappiness with the growing wealth and power of Silicon Valley.

Wednesday’s suit is the latest challenge to the search giant’s plan to force all app developers who use its Google Play Store to pay a 30% commission on sales of digital goods or services. The change is set to go into effect in September.

The case mirrors one filed against Google by Fortnite maker Epic Games last August and a barrage of antitrust class actions filed on behalf of app developers and consumers who allege Google’s policies have led to higher prices.

But these aren’t the only lawsuits Google is facing.

Nine months ago, the Justice Department joined 14 attorneys general to file an antitrust suit against Google, focusing on its use of Android contracts with Apple, Mozilla and smartphone manufacturers to allegedly leverage control over the search market in mobile technology.

Of course, Trump also announced his lawsuit against Google CEO Sundar Pichai and others.

In short, the cavalry has arrived.

I’m looking at filing my own lawsuit against Google for wrecking the oldest online news service,, in case anyone can point me to a high-profile nonprofit attorney. I seek to recover lost revenues of at least five years and then some.

I’m glad the heat is on Google, for a change.

Whatever it takes.

I’ve said it before: Google is one of the most EVIL corporations ever conceived – in bed with China, not the USA. Opposed to a free and open press, anathema to America. A monopoly to end all monopolies. It has got to be brought down or we’re all toast.

I know you worry about the malevolent power of Google. I worry for us. I’m convinced it worried me into at least five strokes.

My big money is gone. I need the charity of all people who still hear my voice. Not for me, but for the dedicated core personnel that labor diligently, day after day and year after year, on this pioneering news service, sometimes without pay – as well as lots of former employees who can and would if we could re-hire them.

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