How COVID divided America into 2 classes

The COVID pandemic over the last year and a half divided the nation into the feds – and the not-feds, according to a new analysis by Rick Manning, the chief of Americans for Limited Government.

“We’re all in it together!” he writes. “That was the shaming slogan shouted from every celebrity, the media, compliant multi-national corporations and most politicians as they shuttered dissent over draconian economic lockdown rules enacted to flatten the curve of the China-originated and manufactured Coronavirus.”

He said the message was that “we are all suffering so anyone who complains just needs to suck it up and take the medicine the federal and state governments were prescribing like good little boys and girls.”

But the United States Labor Department Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that that was anything but the case.

“While the private sector lost 22 million jobs from February 2020 to April 2020, and state and local government cut about 1.6 million jobs in response to the pandemic, one group of people prospered during the pandemic – the federal government workforce,” he noted. “The federal workforce actually grew slightly during the pandemic never dipping below the 2.63 million employed at the employment high water mark of the Trump administration and indeed our nation’s history in February 2020.”

Then, even though federal employees essentially did not lose during the pandemic, he said, “The Nancy Pelosi-led Congress acted to pass extended paid leave for COVID affected federal employees which, if fully utilized, could mean as much as $21,000.”

And, he noted, “There is that ‘famous’ federal bureaucrat work ethic. Since the pandemic, a June 10, 2021 memo from the federal Office of Management and Budget and the federal Office of Personnel Management reports that 60% of the federal workforce is telecommuting, while praising the ‘many thousands of Federal employees with responsibilities that could not be performed remotely have continued to undertake mission-critical duties at their workplaces and on the frontlines of the national response, day-in and day-out through the pandemic.'”

He wrote, “Anyone who has been in Washington, D.C., in the past few months knows that the once busy, bustling downtown remains a virtual ghost town as the hundreds of thousands who would normally inhabit the dozens of federal buildings in the city remain at home, presumably working.”

Private business, and state and local governments, couldn’t just print money, so they cut payrolls.

“The federal government just rolled along as if nothing was happening – employees unaffected with the exception that they did not have to go into the office,” he said.

“And next time the Chinese decide to unleash a pandemic on the world, let’s make certain that the federal bureaucrats in D.C. who drive policy responses, at least feel some of the pain of their own recommendations. Only then will we all truly be in it together,” he said.

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