New map posted of George Soros' 'pro-criminal' prosecutors

Kimberly Foxx (Video screenshot)
Kimberly Foxx

In Chicago, it’s Kimberly Foxx and the dollar total is $2.8 million. In Orlando, Florida, it’s Monique Worrell and the dollar total is $1.8 million. In Los Angeles it’s George Gascon and the dollar total is $6 million.

These are just a few of the names – and dollar totals – of “pro-criminal and anti-police” prosecutors who have been hand-picked – and liberally funded by leftist billionaire George Soros.

It is the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund that has created and posted online its “Follow the Money: Mapping Soros Prosecutor Funding.”

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The organization explains, “Over the past decade, billionaire George Soros has spent at least $50 million* to elect scores of ‘social justice’ prosecutors across the country. These district attorneys, who represent over 70 million people or more than 1 in 5 Americans, often pursue pro-criminal and anti-police policies. This report tracks Soros Prosecutors’ funding, affiliations, and actions.”

Those benefiting from Soros’ extreme left agenda include Stephanie Morales, Scott Colom, Kimberly Graham, Shalena Cook Jones, Jody Owens, Mike Schmidt, Brian Middleton, Diana Becton and many more.

They “prosecute” cases in most major cities, Portland, Ore., Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis, Jackson, Dallas, San Antonio, Orlando, Savannah, Philadelphia and more.

The website links to reports of various egregious situations that have developed, courtesy of Soros’ financial backing of extremists.

One example was the Washington, D.C., conviction of second-degree murder for police officer Terrence Sutton.

His conviction was for the 2020 death of Karon Hylton-Brown.

The documentation shows, “But Sutton, a 13-year police veteran, did not strike, shoot, harm, or even touch Hylton. Hylton died after exiting a blind alley on a motorized scooter and being struck by a passing civilian vehicle. He had multiple drugs in his system. He ran through stop signs and red lights in the minutes before he drove into oncoming traffic. Sutton followed Hylton at a moderate speed, averaging 30 miles per hour.”

The documentation reports that violated the department policy of “no chase.”

Further, the site reports, “The pursuing officers believed that Hylton—a member of the violent Kennedy Street drug gang with previous arrests for drugs, illegal gun possession, and assaults on police officers—was on his way to retaliate against a rival gang member over a debt. At the request of federal prosecutors, the court blocked the jury from hearing about Hylton’s membership in the Kennedy Street crew, which was under Justice Department investigation at the time and whose other members would later be indicted for murder, drug trafficking, and racketeering. The jury also never heard that Hylton was wearing an ankle monitor for a violent assault in Montgomery County, Maryland, and had thousands of dollars in cash strapped to his body.”

The Washington Examiner reports the newest work by the Defense Fund is “building on its project to identify Soros-funded prosecutors.”

The report explained, “In March 2023, the group released its bare-bones map of where the Soros prosecutors are located. Wednesday’s map provides more details on the highest-profile favorites of the Soros organization.”

The LELDF estimated there are some 70 prosecutors working on Soros’ agenda now, after getting $50 million in campaign cash.

“The first installment profiles 27 Soros-funded prosecutors, including Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg, Los Angeles’s George Gascon, Memphis’s Steve Mulroy, and Minneapolis’s Mary Moriarty. Future installments will include the more than 70 Soros-backed prosecutors across the United States. To date, George Soros has spent over $50 million to elect radical prosecutors from Maine to Oregon, Los Angeles to Savannah,” the organization told the Examiner.

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