Pelosi can't find the 'elusive butterfly' of reason

Bob Lind’s hit “Elusive Butterfly” was written in 1965 at a low point in his life. Failing at romance, he claimed, “I chase the bright elusive butterfly of love.”

Some editorial license with that line seems appropriate at a time America is at a low point, brought there by politicians motivated more by power than national security interests. Among these is Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for whom the lyric is offered. She unsuccessfully chases “the bright elusive butterfly of reason.”

Over half a century ago, Lind explained the theme of his song was about, “The magic of the quest, the thrill of searching, even when that which is sought is hard to see.” As Pelosi has demonstrated, it is “hard to see” any sign of reason and fair-mindedness. Recognizing this, a senior politician might step down from office, allowing someone younger to succeed – just like Raoul Castro recently did in Communist Cuba. Hints for Pelosi to do so, taking another lyric from Lind’s song, “echo softly in the distance through the canyons” of her mind – having come from both sides of the aisle for years.

Clearly, America today is a divided nation. A no man’s land exists between political parties where bipartisan cooperation is dead, largely the result of Pelosi’s steadfast determination to keep her and her party in power. We can no longer tolerate the divisiveness she fosters and the power she now attempts to memorialize on a more permanent level, evidenced by her pushing such one-sided legislation as the misnamed “For the People” Act, which seeks to federalize state elections in favor of Democrats.

Whether blinded by power or senility, Pelosi conducts an orchestra of legislative liberals seeking to fundamentally change the America created by our Founding Fathers – an America where fair-mindedness and reason ruled to prevent that which James Madison called “the tyranny of the majority.” But, as one critic has observed, “Democrats believe they know what is best and lack any interest in working with conservative lawmakers who dissent.”

Pelosi’s unfitness for office has been demonstrated numerous times by her outrageous comments and extreme hypocrisy. The former occurred in the aftermath of police officer Derek Chauvin’s conviction for the murder of George Floyd. Republicans, BLM activists and her fellow Democrats were all shocked to hear Pelosi thank Floyd for “sacrificing your life for justice” – a comment mind boggling and inappropriate.

Another ridiculous piece of wisdom shared by Pelosi suggests “tackling systemic racism by reducing pollution.”

Evidence of Pelosi’s penchant for divisiveness includes her statement she will “never forgive” Donald Trump for the “trauma” he allegedly caused her by the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. While Queen Pelosi was never in any danger that day, keep in mind this comment comes from one who called for riots across the country in 2018. Last year, hundreds of BLM and Antifa riots caused $2 billion of damage in numerous cities, never triggering condemnation from Pelosi. In fact, she encouraged them by saying, “I just don’t know why there aren’t more uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be.”

Pelosi’s alleged trauma suggests she has been “Palmerized.” Remember ESPN reporter Chris Martin Palmer who initially cheered rioters on, only to change his tune three days later when they invaded his neighborhood? It was a quick transition from cheerleader to critic. Like Palmer, Pelosi is part of a cultural elite content to fuel such violence until personally victimized.

An example of Pelosi’s hypocrisy comes with earmarking $1 million for a “Courage Museum,” praising such people as Christine Blasey Ford who made unsubstantiated sexual misconduct claims against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings. While praising Ford, Pelosi has always remained silent about the more credible claims made against Joe Biden by his former staffer, Tara Reade, willing to take a lie detector test if Biden would. Pelosi further demonstrated hypocrisy by praising “courageous” women on the one hand but accusing Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., who is being considered to replace Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wy., as chair of the House Republican Conference, of being “compliant.”

Recently, even when not trying to be divisive, Pelosi is. Seeing an opportunity to curry local favor by sending out a tweet wishing all-American baseball player Willie Mays a happy 90th birthday on May 6, she posted a photo of herself and Willie; however, the photo was not of Mays but of his former teammate Willie McCovey who died in 2018. Having met McCovery, it is inexcusable for Pelosi to have made such a screw up. Unsurprisingly, she blamed a staff member for the foul up, causing one to wonder just how much detail she pays to her own posts.

Pelosi is ruining America. She must be removed by legislative fiat. A motion to do so can be filed by any House member. In fact, last October, this is just what Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., did. He claimed Pelosi no longer possessed the mental fitness to perform her job, as she “is unable to adequately serve as Speaker … and should therefore be removed from her position.” Collins took this action due to Pelosi’s fixation on two Trump impeachment efforts while ignoring other priorities of her office. Her fellow Democrats ultimately saved her from removal.

The fixation Pelosi has against Trump continues even though he has left office. Last month, the House passed a bill specifically aimed at preventing what Trump did in 2017 by imposing a travel ban limiting entry from certain countries known to harbor terrorists. Democrats railed against what they called a “Muslim ban.” Pelosi’s April bill seeks to prevent a president from doing that again, citing it as an abuse of authority. It is an interesting move since Biden, due to the coronavirus outbreak in India, just imposed a ban on most travel from that nation.

Yet another petty anti-Trump fixation, especially coming from Democrats looking to give away millions of dollars to non-Americans under the stimulus bill, is Pelosi’s effort to ban free commemorative gold Trump coins for his supporters to celebrate a hopeful 2024 presidential run.

It should come as no surprise Pelosi’s favorability rating has dropped to 38%. Like Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer who believed his 7th Regiment could go it alone against the Northern Plains Indians in the 1876 battle at Little Bighorn, a divisive Pelosi believes Democrats can go it alone in Congress passing legislation normally the product of bipartisan negotiation. Custer’s belief led to his troops’ massacre. Unless removed from office soon, Pelosi may experience a 2022 political massacre.

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