Poll: Larry Elder leading in race to replace Newsom

Larry Elder (Video screenshot)

A new poll shows conservative commentator Larry Elder is leading among nearly four dozen candidates to replace Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom if he is recalled in a coming election.

Fox News reported the poll from a coalition involving the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies and the LA Times showed 47% of likely California voters want Newsom recalled, with 50% opposed.

The report said the poll shows how the state is divided on the issue, and how turnout will be important in the Sept. 14 election.

In California, Democrats outnumber Republicans, but “Republicans appear to be more motivated to cast ballots,” the report said.

Mark DiCamillo, of the Berkeley IGS Poll, said, “The governor’s in jeopardy among those most likely to be voting.”

The ballot will include two questions – first whether Newcom should be removed from office. The second, which will apply if more than 50% vote affirmatively to the first, will be a replacement.

DiCamillo suggested Democrats simply think Newsom will “survive” the vote and therefore have a lower level of interest.

The poll found Elder’s support stood at 18%, with 2018 GOP gubernatorial nominee John Cox and former two-term Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer of San Diego each at 10% support.

Newsom is being subjected to the recall vote over his mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, an episode in which he exercised radical executive authority and ordered even churches to shut down, to the point of banning singing in private homes.

His actions have resulted in court judgments against him costing millions of dollars.

The state’s very high taxes also have become an issue, but Fox said, “The effort surged in the autumn after Newsom’s dinner at an uber-exclusive restaurant, which – at best – skirted rules imposed by the governor to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.”

The poll was conducted July 18-24, with 5,795 registered voters – including 3,266 likely recall election voters.

Action movie and television superstar, and WND columnnist, Chuck Norris has endorsed Elder, who was put on the ballot following a court fight he brought when officials disqualified him over a technicality that a judge decided later didn’t apply.

“Newsom’s extreme COVID crackdowns and radical liberal politics have crippled their economy, suppressed its people, increased homelessness and violence, and have led to a mass exodus of its citizens to other states in the union. Newsom even stampeded the First Amendment to completely suppress religious rights and liberties, a tyranny the U.S. Supreme Court needed to turn back twice to rescue the state’s people,” Norris explained. “And with the potential rise of the Delta variant of the Wuhan virus, it appears Newsom is going to be enacting more of the same in the future, unless of course he’s stopped.”

He said, “Dozens of candidates have voiced their desires to replace the sitting governor, but few have officially taken the step. I respect other gubernatorial candidates even if I disagree with some of their politics, such as former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, businessman John Cox, 1970s Olympic champion Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner and a former congressman, Doug Ose. However, as much potential as these few have, I just don’t think any of them can win over the majority.

“That’s when I heard last week that Larry Elder was officially entering the California gubernatorial ring. Larry would be an outstanding governor, bringing to the office stellar credentials and personal leadership abilities.”

He added, “The truth is: It will not be easy for him to beat Newsom, but I believe he can win if the people of California rise up right alongside him. The Golden State has a Democratic super-majority in its state Assembly, Senate and with its majority of voters. Nevertheless, I believe the majority of Californians want out of the chasm Newsom put them in. But they only way they can do that is to get over conventional Democrat-Republican politics. They are going to have to get away from typical does-he-agree-with-me-on-everything partisanship, and simply ask: Who can deliver us from this pit and corrupt political power?”

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