Report: Hunter Biden undermines congressional testimony from Blue Star

Hunter Biden on CBS’ ‘Sunday Morning’ on April 4, 2021. (Video screenshot)

Officials of a lobbying company, under the scrutiny of Congress for their dealings with Burisma, the allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas company that at one point was paying Hunter Biden tens of thousands of dollars a month, told Congress they hadn’t interacted with him in their work for the corporation.

But details obtained from a laptop computer Hunter Biden, who snagged the lucrative Burisma job while his father was vice president and handling Ukraine policy for the Barack Obama administration, reportedly abandoned contradict that.

In a new report, Just the News documents how Hunter Biden memos found on that famous laptop undermine statements from executives at Blue Star Strategies, a Democrat-connected firm who claimed they did not deal with Hunter Biden.

The questions about the Blue Star testimonies come just as the Justice Department reportedly is reviewing whether the company violated the federal Foreign Agent Registration Act during their work for Burisma.

Blue Star had been hired by Burisma in 2015 to provide image rehabilitation and fight corruption claims.

Hunter Biden had joined the Burisma Board in 2014.

Congress already had looked into the troubling circumstances, and the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee heard testimony from Blue Star’s Karen Tramontano and Sally Painter.

Tramontano claimed, at the time, “at no time did I or anyone else in the firm working on behalf of Burisma collaborate or coordinate the development or implementation of our work with Hunter Biden. ”

And Painter said, “Never,” when asked, “Did you ever consult with Hunter Biden about Blue Star Strategies and its representation of Burisma?”

But Just the News said it obtained emails, calendar notations and memos from the Hunter Biden laptop, which is in the custody of the FBI, and they “state clearly that Hunter Biden had direct conversations with the Blue Star team on several occasions…”

Damagingly, those talks featured “details” about the Blue Star deal as well as specific strategies, the report said.

For example, Eric Schwerin, a colleague of Hunter Biden, said in November 2015 that, “Hunter and I spoke to Sally Painter yesterday. “First, Hunter talked to Sally about the agreement and the desire on your part to evaluate success after two months and not feel locked in to the year long contract if things weren’t going well. Sally understood and said that that wasn’t a problem. So, you should feel free to go ahead and execute the agreement as it is written and process the first invoice.”

The comments included other details about the issue.

The report explained Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., head of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee while it reviewed Hunter Biden’s business operations, said the information is troubling.

“I had serious doubts that Blue Star Strategies was fully complying with the subpoena my committee issued the firm in 2020. With new documents coming to light, it appears my suspicions were well founded,” Johnson told Just the News.

“Unfortunately, Democrats and the press had no interest in exploring the troubling findings Senator Grassley’s and my report revealed regarding Biden Inc.’s vast web of foreign financial entanglements,” he added. “There have been multiple confirmations that President Biden lied when he said he never spoke to Hunter about his overseas business activities. When will the press, Congress, and our justice system hold the Bidens accountable? The American people deserve the truth and the equal application of justice. Right now, they are getting neither.”

The report confirms Biden had discussions with Blue Star officials on multiple occasions.

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