RINOs for Biden have blood on their hands

As hard as it is to watch images out of Kabul, it must be exponentially harder for those “Republicans” who endorsed Joe Biden for president.

We did not expect any better out of partisan Democrats. Keen as they are on the right to kill their babies in the womb, or mutilate their sexually confused children, or keep poor black students from leaving their crappy schools, they chose the right guy in good old Joe.

Republicans had no such excuse. They were not blinded, as leftists were, by their own media. They could see both sides, and they knew Biden offered nothing they professed to believe in except perhaps better manners – excluding, of course, Joe’s behavior around pre-pubescent girls.

For the RINOs that was enough. Before the election, former Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol tweeted to “Jill from Delaware” that he would “proudly” be voting for Joe Biden, the first Democrat he ever voted for.

In an Atlantic article right after the 2020 contest, Olga Khazan summed up the mood of Never-Trumpers with whom she spent election night.

“They are repulsed by the president’s boorish behavior (‘s–thole countries’), his ineptitude at governing (‘a big, beautiful bill’), and his rejection of fiscal conservatism (sad!). However, by far the biggest turnoff about Trump, says Dan Judy, a Republican pollster with North Star Opinion Research, is ‘just who he is.'”

When asked what bothered her most about Trump and his supporters, “conservative” columnist Mona Charen volunteered, “Are you a decent human being? Do you mostly tell the truth instead of mostly not?” Charen even phone banked for Biden.

How, I wonder, do Kristol and Charen and the like feel today watching Biden and his minions lie not about inconsequential things like, say, the size of an inauguration crowd, but about the size of the American contingent stranded – sorry, not stranded – in Afghanistan. Are they still proud of their vote?

Even before anyone heard of Hunter Biden’s laptop, our RINO friends were keen on endorsing a candidate that no one – with the possible exception of Jill “Edith Wilson” Biden – could possibly have been enthused about.

By any standard, Joe Biden was a flaming mess. No Democrat of any age pulled the lever for a less attractive candidate. Compared to Joe, Hillary Clinton was JFK. Hillary actually had fans.

A chronic plagiarist, a sniffer of little girls, a sexual predator of big ones, an international grifter and a corrupt career insider with no notable accomplishments to his name, Biden compounded all these follies by his inability to even remember them.

How could anyone “proudly” vote for a corrupt old coot who was visibly shedding more of his proverbial marbles with each passing day? Those who propped him up – Dr. Jill most notably – should have been cited for elder abuse.

And what did the RINOs know about Trump? No matter how visceral their loathing, even they benefited from four years of peace and prosperity.

As to peace, Trump launched no new wars, nor did he expand any old ones. No president since Jimmy Carter could make this claim, and Carter accomplished his peace through submission.

Trump accomplished his through strength: a military rebuilt, North Korea subdued, Russia restrained, China looking over its shoulder, Israel making new friends throughout the region.

Of universal benefit, too, were the trade deals Trump pulled off. In 2016, these deals were on the agenda of no other candidate from either party.

In 2019, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which replaced the disastrous NAFTA, passed a Democrat-controlled House 385-41.

From the conservative perspective, Trump’s most enduring accomplishment was the choice of judges, a high percentage of whom were constitutionalists, nearly 500 at all levels, including three at the Supreme Court.

No other Republican would have dared to build a wall, help move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem, speak at the March for Life, or rescue us from the delusional Paris Accord, but Trump.

The Never-Trumpers knew this. They knew Trump accomplished what he did despite the best efforts of the Deep State and Big Media, and yet they voted for the one man capable of making Jimmy Carter look good.

Had the RINOs – from the Bushes on down – not subverted the Republican effort, the Democrats could not have manufactured enough votes to wheel Biden into the White House.

But they said no to Trump for being “just who he is.” Even before Kabul, these clowns had egg on their face. No, they have blood on their hands. Here’s hoping they never have a good night’s sleep again.

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