School to students: Play-act sex scenarios as a transgender, or homosexual

A school district in Minnesota is drawing fire from members of its community for a series of lessons that has students play-act sex scenarios as a transgender, or as a homosexual.

Alphanews profiled the fight that has erupted in the Richfield Public Schools over its use of a “sexual education program that asks straight students to role play homosexual relationships and teaches kids about anal sex.”

It was members of the activist group Child Protection League who confronted school board members about their concerns at a recent board meeting.

“This type of teaching has no place in our schools,” charged one speaker. Another said the district failed to be transparent with parents about the graphic nature of the lessons.

“Parents are intentionally being deceived and misled about what their children are being taught,” the speaker said.

Alphanews explained the program is called “3Rs,” from Advocates for Youth, which partners with the abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood.

The report explains, “3Rs is a type of ‘comprehensive sexual education’ (CSE), a term used to describe progressive sex-ed programs that include information about the mechanics of homosexual intercourse, transgenderism, abortion and more. 3Rs uses lectures, classroom activities, slideshows and role-playing games to educate students.”

But the league members who protested the graphic nature of the lesson charged that the agenda goes beyond information, demanding “students … role play through various relationship scenarios as part of education on consent and violence prevention.”

“These scenarios ask students to pair up, pretend they are in gay or lesbian relationships and navigate the process of deciding whether or not to have sex. One activity in the curriculum directs a male student to pretend his name is ‘Morgan,’ a boy who is ‘very active’ in his school’s LGBTQ club, while another student pretends to be ‘Terence,’ a closet homosexual who wants to have sex with Morgan. In this scenario, Morgan plans a secret rendezvous and the two role-playing students are asked to ‘make a decision about whether to have sex,'” the report explains.

The lessons include instructions for teachers to watch out for “homophobic” comments and openly condemn them.

“Direct the students back to your class ground rules — and reinforce the agreement to be respectful — and that making homophobic comments is not respectful,” the curriculum demands, according to the report.

Anal sex also is “routinely listed” as a normal option for intimacy for students in “upper grade levels,” but also is “discussed” for younger students, Alphanews reported.

It also imposes a transgender agenda, insisting that referring to people with specific body parts is more inclusive that operating under assumptions about men and women.

Julie Quist, a board member of Child Protection League, told the board that such programs are ineffective for delivering information.

“The Institute for Research and Evaluation conducted a comprehensive study on the effectiveness of programs such as this,” she told the board. “Out of 60 school-based studies, no credible evidence of effectiveness was found for sustained reductions in teen pregnancy or STDs. There was no evidence of effectiveness for increasing consistent condom use. Failure rates included 88% failure to delay teen sexual initiation and 94% failure to reduce unprotected sex. 12% of these programs found significant negative effects on adolescent sexual health and/or risk behavior.”

Board chairman Tim Pollis admitted board members really don’t know the details of the curriculum being used, but insisted that it is “age appropriate.”

The board meeting:

Fox News explained the entire lesson plan used by the district is almost 700 pages long, and Pollis claimed the program is not new.

“It’s been in place for a number of years,” he said. He claimed parents can opt their students out, and no one is required to participate.

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