Starship America commander Biden to Scotty: Lower defense shields

If one collectively examines some of the individual actions – quietly appearing to be taken piecemeal by the administration of Joe Biden – a very telling picture emerges, raising the issue of our ability to stop threats outside our country before they threaten us personally. Such an examination reveals a pathway being cut directly to our doors that should trigger concerns by us all, regardless of political party affiliation.

Before getting to the bottom line, a brief review of the multi-layered defense shield existing today to protect us is in order.

“Star Trek” enthusiasts will remember the Starship Enterprise being equipped with a “deflector” shield defending it against alien attacks in outer space. Starship commander Capt. James Kirk would tell his engineer, Scotty McCoy, to raise the shield prior to engaging an enemy. America has a similar defense shield in place, composed as multi-layered tiers, keeping the country safe.

The first tier is designed to contain the threat from as far away from us as possible. We saw this triggered after 9/11 as the main source of the threat committing the attack – Osama bin Laden’s terrorist organization al-Qaida – was situated outside our borders. This is where our military comes in. In the months ahead, we will witness an end to the military role precipitated by 9/11 when, after a 20 year effort, U.S. troops withdraw from Afghanistan on Aug. 31.

Our second tier of defense lies at our borders – a role played by agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol. Their mission is to keep us safe by preventing illegal immigrants – some harboring evil intent – from entering.

The next tier is the FBI, which works domestically to protect us, enforce laws and cooperate with state law enforcement involving interstate criminal activities.

Then there are the state and local police keeping us safe by preventing local crime or, once committed, tracking down and arresting perpetrators.

The final tier of our defense shield is provided by individual American citizens who choose, under the Second Amendment of our Constitution, to arm and protect themselves against perpetrators managing to bypass other parts of our defensive shield.

But this entire defense shield, individually, is undergoing a disturbing weakening and transition under “Starship America” commander Biden. Let us look at what is occurring.

As to our defense projection capability outside our borders, Biden is cutting our defense budget at a time we face challenges on numerous fronts – from China, from Russia, from Iran, from North Korea.

The U.S. Marine Corps, for example, which pleads for a 6.2% 2022 budget increase, has stripped itself of every cent of wasteful spending while planning to reduce its active duty numbers by 2,700 personnel. Further personnel reductions will occur by 2030, equalling its 2002 force levels. The commandant, Gen. David Berger, has reorganized his service, cutting headquarters staff by 15%, cutting legacy systems and end strength, including the elimination of tanks, leaving him with nothing left to draw upon to fund programs and projects.

As Berger says: “We have wrung just about everything we can out of the Marine Corps internally. We’re at the limits of what I can do.” Meanwhile, billions of dollars that could be going to our military is instead being directed to Democrats’ pet projects under an outlandish infrastructure bill and to helping hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. So as the military does all it can to slash its budget, Biden’s White House is costing Americans more than any other White House in history.

When it comes to the ICE part of our defensive shield, progressive Democrats have been frothing at the bit to defund it and eliminate its ability to protect our borders to catch and deport violators. Congressional members of the Squad, while refusing to call groups like Hamas terrorists, willingly and outrageously call ICE a terrorist group. Irresponsible Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., chillingly demands both defunding and dismantling all U.S. immigration agencies. Furthermore, she outlandishly and falsely claims racial profiling occurs at our northern border and, despite its lengthy history of peacefulness and openness, that a military buildup is occurring. Biden’s open border policy coupled with a dismantled ICE will remove all control of our borders.

Turning to the FBI, this agency’s glory days have been tainted as Democrats have honed it into a political weapon against Republicans. Directors such as James Comey did nothing to preserve its reputation for independence by his decision-making while investigating Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized internet provider and transmission of classified material. His memo exonerating her of guilt before the investigation was over, interviewing Clinton without putting her under oath and in the presence of other pro-Hillary witnesses, suggests preferential treatment. This message also was conveyed by Robert Mueller’s heavily stacked anti-Donald Trump team investigating Russian collusion and the pro-Hillary antics of former FBI agents and lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Concerning state and local police, Democrats’ campaign to defund these organizations has generated increased criminal activity. It has turned some cities, such as San Francisco, into one of lawlessness not only due to defunding but due to efforts to limit law enforcement’s ability even to act.

As to the final defense tier, the individual citizens who choose to arm themselves, we are witnessing Biden’s effort to deny citizens this constitutional right. Interestingly, Americans are getting a sense for the risks to which they now are being exposed as gun sales hit record numbers and even one-time anti-gun activists become gun owners.

The bottomline here is that Democratic Party leaders are doing everything in their power to put the average American citizen at risk – both outside and inside our borders. By their efforts to reduce or eliminate funding or otherwise limit federal and state authority keeping us safe, Democrats pave the way for terrorists, criminals and other malcontents outside our borders to enter the country free of U.S. government interference, leaving us unarmed to defend ourselves should they violently try to enter our homes.

Starship Enterprise commander Kirk did all in his power to protect his ship and crew from infiltration by aliens by raising its defense shield. Contrarily, Starship America commander Biden lowers ours, in what seems to be a conscientious effort to allow alien infiltration of our ship, even denying us the right to protect ourselves in our own homes. America has truly gone bizarro.

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