Stealth activists making gains in battle against abortion industry giant

It’s not always the huge rallies publicly staged in front of abortion businesses that bring them down fastest, although bringing the public’s attention to industry players can be helpful in letting a community know of its presence.

In fact, a few report shows that it’s sometimes the lone homemaker, the single sports referee, and the like, who can be integral in putting a block on the agenda sought by Planned Parenthood, which terminates hundreds of thousands of unborn infants yearly.

The report comes from American Life League and concerns its “National Network of Fighters Against Planned Parenthood.”

That group has, the report confirmed, “foiled the work of 48 local and regional Planned Parenthood branches of this abortion giant.”

The network, head by Jim Sedlak, responds when someone in its ranks notices an abortion business, or more specifically its plans to build, move, expand or more.

“These everyday individuals” are being credited with huge successes.

For example, when members contacted Habitat for Humanity in Sarasota, Florida, about plans to buy property from Planned Parenthood, subsidizing the abortionists’ operations, the Habitat organization dropped the deal.

Then there was a Walmart in Washington state that was allowing Planned Parenthood to distribute literature on its property.

A request from local activists resulted in the corporation banning that literature.

And in California, activists asked the Greater Vallejo Recreation District not to allow planned Parenthood to be running its activities at a Children’s Wonderland playground event.

The result? “Planned Parenthood was refused permission to participate in the event,” American Life League confirmed.

In fact, Sedlak said local activists prevented six abortion businesses from opening, and closed down another 20 existing businesses.

“These Planned Parenthood watchers follow the activities and communications of local Planned Parenthood groups and pass the information upline to the American Life League’s STOPP – a program exclusively focused on getting Planned Parenthood to ‘close its doors and get out of town,'” the American Life League said.

It was in Monrovia, California where a fighter against Planned Parenthood contacted STOPP to get advice on preventing the abortion giant from opening a new abortion facility, the league said.

The result was the formation of Monrovians Against Planned Parenthood, and its members found an existing Planned Parenthood clinic had been getting rent-free space at the county health department for 35 years.

“Within a week, after pressure from network members, the county ordered Planned Parenthood to vacate the building. Those same activists led a court battle against the city for approving a new abortion facility without issuing required public notices. As a result, the city of Monrovia ended up purchasing the facility from Planned Parenthood and demolished it,” the league reported.

Another target of the league is the sex education programs abortionists lobby to be allowed to give to children in schools.

In one recent case, a Planned Parenthood operation was found to be presenting a sex ed curriculum to Native American youth, and bribing kids with gift cards to attend.

“After 105 years,” Sedlak observes, “Planned Parenthood’s legacy has not changed. It’s about sex, kids, and death – with a heavy dose of racist eugenics tossed in.”

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