Taxpayer-funded NPR unleashes claim Republicans want Constitution gutted

National Public Radio has unleashed a barrage of misinformation, including that Republicans want the U.S. Constitution overturned. And it is being paid by American taxpayers for that.

That condemnation comes from columnist Robert Spencer at PJMedia, where he highlights NPR claims that “many” GOP state lawmakers around the nation actually “would overturn sections of the Constitution.”

Spencer explained the solution isn’t complicated:

“It’s because the Evil Party fights so dirty that our tax dollars are going to pay for this appalling Leftist propaganda on NPR. NPR should, of course, be immediately and totally defunded. But we would need a Congress full of patriots for that.”

He explained the wild allegations about overturning the Constitution, and where they originated.

The organization’s “Domestic Extremism Correspondent,” Odette Yousef, he explained, claimed that “fully 20% of Republican state legislators want to alter the Constitution itself, getting rid of the equal protection and due process clauses, reimposing slavery, and denying women the right to vote. This is comic book-level vilification with no basis in fact whatsoever — and your tax dollars are paying for it.”

Spencer said Yousef was making her claims based on details from an unnamed “social justice group.”

She claimed: “This report looked at more than seven thousand state legislative seats at capitals across the country during the 2021-2022, um, legislative period, Steve, uh, Steve, and, uh, it found that 875 of them had joined at least one far-right Facebook group, so that’s more than one in ten of all state legislators, and more than one in five of Republican state legislators. Um, and, you know, you’ll note that this may very well be an undercount, um, you know, maybe not all state legislators advertise their affiliations, um, through joining Facebook groups. Um, but it does start to paint a picture. Um, it also had another key finding, which is that these legislators have been involved in sponsoring nearly a thousand bills across a number of areas, including, uh, limiting access to voting, limiting discussion of race in schools, restricting women’s access to abortion, anti-LGBTQ legislation, putting restrictions on protests, and more.”

Spencer explained the lawmakers themselves likely would say they are supporting the integrity of elections, battling the divisive “and hateful race-baiting” of Critical Race Theory, defending life and prosecuting rioters.

Yousef, being interviewed by Steve Inskeep, added, “The researchers for this survey were really trying to draw a bright line between what they were, uh, designating as far-right and what we might consider sort of more traditional conservative, like membership in, uh, the group ALEC, the American Legislative Ec-, Exchange Council, uh, you know, uh, support for the NRA, or even support just for MAGA. Um, you know, this was really just looking at legislators who occupy an echo chamber – uh, echo chambers of misinformation online, you know, around things like anti-masking, election denial, COVID denial, and even some who affiliate with movements that believe the federal government is illegitimate.”

She finally got to her point: “Many of them do support agendas that would overturn sections of the Constitution. Um, Devin Burghart heads the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, which did the survey.”

It was Burghart who claimed, then, “If you allowed groups that fall into this category to bring their agenda to fruition in the United States, it would do things like get rid of equal protection and due process, and even the amendment prohibiting slavery. We would get rid of things like women’s voting rights. They’re not out there saying ‘We want to overthrow the government to create a white nation,’ but they are putting forward ideas, wrapped in a Constitutional package, that ultimately have the same impact.”

Spencer pointed out the failings of the “woke” arguments, however.

He said NPR “would have us believe that over 20% of Republican state legislators want to bring back slavery and deny women the right to vote” but that is no less than an “outrageous smear.”

He pointed out that the issues of slavery and women’s suffrage were addressed by actual amendments to the Constitution, not just some “dubiously argued” Supreme Court case, like abortion.

Spencer, the head of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, said, “Republicans could argue in a similar vein that attempts to make Roe sacrosanct will lead to a return of segregation, as the Supreme Court ruled for in its favor in Plessy v. Ferguson.”

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