Will timid GOP elephants again endure a Summer of Love?

I can’t get the word “chicanery” off my mind these days. Hopefully, you won’t be able to either.

Chicanery is the ideal word in the English lexicon to describe what’s been happening: “The use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose; deception by artful subterfuge.”

I’ll stipulate that chicanery is nothing new in American politics, nor is it entirely exclusive to one party. Ask anyone in Washington, D.C., at one of its more popular watering holes, and a few drinks in they’ll indignantly tell you there’s just too much at stake to suddenly emulate Mother Teresa when it comes to political power.

In an alcohol-induced moment of candor, they would angrily stammer, “Fool, everyone knows politics are downs and dirty!” “All’s fair in love and war!” “(Expletive) Walmart voters are too stupid to decide such matters!” “You’ve got to break a few eggs …” etc., etc., each attempting to out-liberal the next to cement his or her position in the absurdly progressive city.

But even in the calamitous bloodsport that has become presidential elections, it’s now abundantly clear that one party in particular has turned trickery, deception and artful subterfuge into a fabulous new art form. Can you guess which one? Here’s a hint: 92.1% in Washington, D.C., voted this way last election. Now can you solve the riddle?

If you’ve seen the No. 1-selling movie on Salem Media and Amazon this month, you already know “2000 Mules” raises some mighty worthwhile questions for the less-than-hyper-partisan, trusting voter outside the Beltway. This in addition to countless other worthwhile questions that have already been raised about the “most secure election in history,” as decided by razor-thin margins in a few swing states.

In a more equitable world, law enforcement and CNN cameras would be surrounding the adjacent lakes of the 2,000 mules’ oft-visited “nonprofit organization” leaders’ homes – SWAT team, Roger-Stone style. District Courts would suddenly find themselves as overwhelmed as their immigration court counterparts. Use your shoe-on-the-other-foot sniff test.

But at the very least, our very own representatives would be highly vocal about prioritizing voting integrity, insisting on cheap, 4K security cameras for all of us to scrutinize Mr. Zucker’s now infamous “drop boxes” ahead of the midterms.

But to the naked eye, it doesn’t appear any such common sense measures are being taken on our behalf thus far. In fact, D.C. remains oddly quiet about highly questionable voting integrity as our betters erect a few more fences. Curious, don’t you think?

A recent president calls his well-organized opposition “ruthless.” The other party? “Embarrassingly feckless,” and to an eyebrow-raising degree. Which no doubt prompts another question: “Why on earth are our elected representatives so church-mouse quiet in the face of mounting evidence of chicanery?”

Good question. Here’s another one:

Who could possibly forget so quickly the Soros-inspired, leftist-insurrectionist-dream “Summer of Love” – the violent and catastrophic political upheaval we’re about to relive if our under-siege Supreme Court doesn’t cave and decides abortion is better left up to states?

But apparently, even that shameful, unforgettably smoky, single-party-insurrectionist Summer of Chicanery remains swept under our elected representative’s lovely oriental office rugs. All’s forgiven and forgotten.

“My gosh, dummy, that was two summers ago. We have better things to do – like drive up the deficit and accelerate inflation with our friends across the aisle – than to hold a political grudge.” This as far too many attempt to heal from their concussions and stompings, mourn their dead and pick up the charred pieces of their broken lives.

“Move on, racist. Besides, it’s kind of simmered down to carjackings and smash-and-grab theft at countless jewelry stores, department stores and drug stores. So, chill.”

But wait, you ask, “Why are our own party’s ‘insurrectionists’ not that fortunate? You know, the forgotten ones rotting in prison who may have looked at the still-smoldering Summer of Love and Chicanery and assumed it’s perfectly all right to march or even break and enter to demonstrate a political grievance?”

To even ask such a question, you clearly don’t understand our party’s timid and compliant elephants. Their D.C. Circus Ringmaster uses that sharp hook under their thighs if they get out of line. So most are just go-along-to-get-along pushovers collecting the paycheck we provide, like Ringmaster Mitch McConnell.

Ask U.S. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt’s still-grieving family without answers.

And here you thought it was the elephant who “never forgets.” Wrong again, my friend. Our representatives’ short-term memory may be worse than the current president’s. To the contrary. It’s the donkey party that never forgets – especially unexpected political humiliation. So it’s perfectly understandable that they’re the ones perfecting underhanded chicanery to an art form, perhaps better than Hunter’s art, even if right up in your face.

With exception – their useful, hapless and hopelessly naïve rank and file – they’ve become politically “ruthless” and unapologetically “not the party of kindness anymore.” That’s expected by now.

What’s not expected heading into all-important midterms – to determine how much longer our national nightmare continues – is the continuing silence from our own “representatives.” That’s the real elephant in the room, and its silence is deafening.

Maybe it’s high time to sort out the rhinos from the elephants in the room.

Then the less-timid elephants who survive the sorting can stampede as a united herd, insisting on actual “equity” again with that “liberty and justice for all” thing, extending to the left’s less-than-kind insurrectionists – and even to us as legitimate Walmart voters. I know I may be shooting for the moon with this early Christmas wish, but our elephants might even embark on an impeachment of their own over “Ukraine.” What’s fair for the donkey …

In the meantime, brace yourself for yet another inflamed and violent Summer of Love and Chicanery, lasting well into the fall and the midterms. Well, that, and another perfectly timed “national health emergency” demanding even more mail-in ballots, drop boxes and mules – or donkeys – whichever you prefer.

Nice to know the timid elephant afraid of its own massive shadow has our backs.

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