Texans rally against illegal immigration, agree to state plans to build fence

President Donald J. Trump walks along the completed 200th mile of new border wall Tuesday, June 23, 2020, along the U.S.-Mexico border near Yuma, Arizona. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

More than 100 Texas families have agreed to a state plan to build an international border barrier on their land, marking what appears to be the completion of the failure of the Biden administration to deal with the crisis it created there.

The administration of President Trump had instituted a series of policies and practices that had proven effective in reducing the flood of illegal aliens coming to the U.S., mostly from Central America but also from terror-fomenting regions of the world.

In his anti-Trump agenda, Biden, on the day he took office, issued orders reversing essentially everything Trump had accomplished.

The result was felt almost immediately. Hundreds of thousands of people arrived at the border. COVID-19 positive rates among those interlopers rocketed 900%. Facilities were overwhelmed and aliens were dispatched to camp out under bridges.

Then the reversals for Biden started, including a court decision reinstating Trump’s practice of having those applying for asylum remain in Mexico until their case was processed.

Biden’s moves also cost taxpayers an estimated $2 billion for fees and costs associated with the cancellation of wall construction projects already contracted under Trump, who was the key person driving the installation of hundreds of miles of new and replacement fencing.

Vice President Kamala Harris had been assigned to work on the crisis, but failed to even visit the border for months, traveling to a non-border city only after Trump announced his plan to review the situation.

The Biden administration’s announced plan was essentially to create a utopia-like society in Central America so people would not want to leave.

The Washington Examiner now is reporting that the Biden administration wasn’t even successful in halting the construction of the border wall.

That’s because 123 landowners on the U.S.-Mexico border have agreed to a state program to allow fencing on their border-front properties.

“As of Wednesday, 123 people, most of whom live in Val Verde County, have consented to allow for an 8-foot-tall, barbed-wire metal fence to be erected at the edge of their property, according to a senior adviser to Gov. Greg Abbott. Eighty-two of the 123 people identified have signed agreements with the state’s military department, which is overseeing the process,” the publication reported.

That permission means the state can immediately begin work on the fence, and the securing of a key route for illegal aliens to enter.

“The remote region of south-central Texas, known by federal border authorities as the Del Rio region, has the third-highest total of illegal immigration nationwide, with 144,500 encounters of illegal immigrants between February and July,” the report said.

Actually, the landowners had sought help from the state, according to state officials.

The governor there already has directed state police to arrest and prosecute all illegal immigrants for trespassing.

The Examiner report explained Sheriff Brad Coe of Kinney County said his two deputies on duty each shift cannot keep up with the number of calls about human smuggling.

The process now will include an evaluation of where barriers are needed most, then a review of the permission from landowners.

The Examiner reported, “The state has identified 733 miles of border-front land where it can build, and the Texas National Guard will carry out the project. The south-central region is expected to be the starting point.”

A spokeswoman for the South Texans’ Property Rights Association said it supports the efforts to prevent trespassing, and the Examiner reported, “The number of landowners willing to let the state build on their land is likely to increase as the military and public safety departments begin asking property owners up and down the 1,250-mile border for permission to build.”

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