The bipartisan agreement to remove old Joe

What great threat to America will those brave and feisty D.C. Republicans take on now that their playful grilling of the next Supreme Court justice has wrapped up? Demonstrating such high levels of passionate moral righteousness for their public surely must be exhausting – so what’s next?

Oh, here it is; just in time. Finally, a real chance for congressional collegiality, with the R’s and the D’s going shoulder to shoulder, if that’s how this all shakes out. For once both sides of the aisle seem to be on the same page of history. Joseph Biden’s tenure in office is looking insecure indeed.

Poor old Joe. It looks like it’s time to go. The good news is that if we give it a couple months, someone can tell him he did the full four years and acquitted himself proudly. He’ll believe into it soon enough. So, bye-bye, Biden. No tea leaves required. His party, his allies, his media sycophants, his longest and strongest, most faithful defenders and even King Obama either ignore him or brutally disrespect him publicly. When they start talking about his policy failures like they’ve been listening to Dan Bongino, the chances are that even Jill Biden is looking at travel brochures.

Andrea Widburg concurs in a recent article at American Thinker.

She proposes a discomforting scenario. Widburg notes that while Joe may be toast, Kamala is toast with green mold on it. With Ms. Harris at the helm, they would be longing for the good old days of Joe’s fabulous popularity. Those mean right-wingers would spend their time telling her Trump jokes, just trying to get her to cackle out loud, and send her even deeper into negative numbers. Therefore, she must go before Joe.

Harris could be bribed or bullied, but her stepping aside would be met with a near universal demonic cry, calling for someone of substance and experience and an even hand to step into the critical role of vice president. Given the urgent needs of these frightful times and the cornucopia of existential threats coming at us from every quarter, there can only be one man suitable for this heroic task. Barack Obama will spend little time humbling himself at the lowly desk of the veep, if any. Immediately, Biden will leave or be carried out, and by the laws of succession Obama will return as president. No, he cannot be elected more than twice, but being “selected” was never addressed and would therefore be lawful.

Such could be the plan or just the stuff of fanciful leftist wishes. Of course, it also evokes conservatives’ darkest nightmares.

But perhaps the time has come to wonder. In these days, nothing that happens is what is generally expected, and each new outrage outstrips the one before it.

There is another gathering result of the unprecedented disasters this administration has bequeathed our citizens – in November 2020. Have we given up on it? Or are there residual embers, still glowing at the edge of a wide dry plain? Have we all put it in the rearview mirror? Have we confessed their success, that they stole that election fair and square, and our role is to grin and bear it till they steal the next one?

Let them dream of the return of Saul Alinsky’s finest pupil – but let us reconsider the dormant plans to put President Trump back in the White House, where we elected him to be. Yes, they schemed and planned the last electoral travesty for years and were able to invest billions to buy some and to create panic in the hearts of others. It was known that they would cheat, but no one believed they could ratchet it up enough to tip the scales against one so popular and manifestly successful as President Trump. And everyone who thought so was wrong.

They got away with it, and they can’t imagine why they shouldn’t continue to do so.

But a few things are changing. Facts are funny things, they say, but what is emerging is not so funny to the thieves who are due a reckoning. Not only are proofs finding their way to the public despite the gatekeepers’ best efforts, but the nation is awakening to the vast left-wing corporate conspiracy to bury them. A clear majority of Americans are already convinced that Biden’s election was fraudulent. As such a growing number now is ready to favor his removal.

The revolution now spinning us out of control was a coup, engineered from the top down. The coming counterrevolution must come from the bottom up.

Did they give us a good scare recreating the Reichstag fire with the dire “Insurrection” of Jan. 6? They can invite us in and charge us with trespassing. They can seed a crowd with violent agent provocateurs. They can lock us up and lose the key. They can kill our livelihoods. They can focus hatred on us and dox us. They can close our bank accounts. They can murder us without consequence.

Tell whoever says that it just can’t be overturned now to shut up and sit down. We are a nation of laws. The evidence is pouring in. The denials and lies are stretched paper thin. We cannot wait for another election. The dragon of tyranny is breathing fire on us now.

Let this be the stuff of realistic conservative intent. Let it also evoke the authoritarians’ nightmares.

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