The Dems' Scarlet Letter campaign – in the name of safety, of course

The Joe Biden administration will hunt and silence conservatives for the duration he is in office.

Of this we are certain. The first six months of his presidency proves it.

If the two weeks is an indication, those efforts will only intensify and grow bolder.

Under the veil of “safety” and “security” – and with the incessant amplification of Jan. 6 – Democrats will look to label conservatives with a broad Scarlet Letter.

This is not new.

The marginalization of your political opposition is typical of many authoritarians and petty tyrants and nothing foreign to American history.

In a different time, perhaps the Biden regime would be accusing Republicans of witchcraft.

The unvaccinated are today’s “unclean” – to be painted as modern-day lepers, with demands to make it “hard for people to remain unvaccinated” or live in normal society.

Democrats’ goal, it appears, is to create an environment where they possess absolute power and where it is untenable to claim “R” for Republican without it signifying “Radical” as well.

Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s red scare focused on stoking fear while marginalizing and criminalizing his opposition and labeling individuals as communists.

Today, however, the communists call the shots – and an increasingly power-hungry Democratic Party demands more controls, more censorship and more violations to civil liberties.

To liberals and CNN viewers, Jan. 6 is 9/11, and they will use it for sweeping crackdowns, scrutiny and civil-liberty violations similar to those Muslims faced in a post-9/11 world.

Racists, deplorables, fascists – add terrorist and extremist to the heap of labels and name-calling.

If you had the gall to question an atypical election, the efficacy of a drug or an experimental vaccine, there is a good chance you experienced censorship or were flagged on social media over the last year.

That was merely the beginning.

Censorship and societal ostracism seem to be part of the plan and part of the goal.

In the last few days:

Joe Biden opined for a nationwide door to door effort to push vaccination.

The FBI campaigned for Americans to turn in their own friends and family for extremism, firing off an eerie tweet that surely denotes a main focus and strategy, saying, “Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. Help prevent homegrown violent extremism visit to learn how to spot suspicious behaviors and report them to the FBI.”

America’s three letter agencies asking fellow Americans to turn on their family and friends is scary stuff.

But why stop there?

The DNC announced it would work with phone carriers to flag private text messages as misinformation. This horrifying proposition, ostensibly to combat COVID vaccine hesitancy or “falsehoods,” is obviously a more slippery slope than Breckenridge after freezing rain.

In D.C., Capitol Police announced plans to expand the police force nationally, beginning in Florida and California with the goal of becoming “an intelligence-based protective agency.”


They also announced they will use military-grade surveillance equipment – all in an effort to better spy on American citizens in a post-Jan. 6 world and ostensibly “help identify emerging threats.”

This is the same Capitol Police Department that shot and killed Ashli Babbitt without providing a name of the officer involved. The same Capitol Police Department that escapes the Freedom of Information Act through special privileges and loopholes.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki followed these scary propositions by indicating the administration was working with Facebook to censor or curtail “misinformation” ostensibly about coronavirus.

She appeared to advocate more censorship, saying, “You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others.”

This all comes with the backdrop that much of what we thought or professed to be true about the coronavirus at some point in time was proven wrong.

From how to treat it, to where it originated, to how easily it spreads from surfaces.

The experience of the pandemic and what we have learned shows the perils of censorship and the refusal to question a mainstream narrative.

There is no indication that this trend will do anything but expand and increase.

Proliferate and expand an unchecked police force. Criminalize the opposition and encourage family members to turn on one another. Censor news or information – Netflix has a new series out about this kind of thing titled “How to Become a Tyrant.”

It was probably too easy to predict something like this might happen when Democrats boasted of “reimagining policing.”

It is hard to envision a society under their rule where all of Americans’ actions and communications are not ultimately monitored or censored – for their own good, of course.

I never understood the idea of silencing ideas – particularly the bad ones.

I am a firm believer in allowing people to profess terrible ideas; it makes those people and their bad ideas easier to identify.

Over the course of time and discourse, the superior ideas rise to the top.

Democrats occupy and control nearly every major American institution – from the media, the entertainment industry, education, to woke corporate America and increasingly the internet.

They have managed to give themselves every single competitive advantage.

Painting voters as deplorable is not enough – they now seek to make certain people untouchable.

Despite the unlevel playing field– conservatism, liberty and freedom first ideas still manage to compete … on the basis of merit.

And that gives me hope in the midst of this modern McCarthyism – that the good ideas will still win in the end.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Americans are just starting to discover that much of what they thought they knew about the COVID-19 pandemic has been a lie. At the same time, the reality of safe, effective, inexpensive and readily available medications that can both treat and prevent COVID infection – successfully used all over the world – has been ruthlessly suppressed at every turn. But the truth is finally emerging, and is explored in-depth in the latest issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled “ENDING THE PANDEMIC: How vaccine mania and lust for power led to the all-out suppression of proven safe-and-effective COVID treatments.” “ENDING THE PANDEMIC” is available both in Whistleblower’s much-loved print edition and in state-of-the-art digital form. Better yet, SUBSCRIBE TO WHISTLEBLOWER (print edition) and get 12 powerful issues plus a free gift, or else get an ANNUAL DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION.

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