My 2-point plan for survival of the Republic (not kidding!)

There’s not much ambiguity in the way I view Google-Facebook and the rest of “The Digital Speech Code Cartel.” There are no shades of gray. There is little nuance. It’s generally the way I view all totalitarians and would-be totalitarians.

Yet, seemingly, no matter how frequently I explain that these monopolistic mega-corporations have destroyed all restrictions on surveillance for profit, no matter how these institutions have already eroded freedom of speech, no matter how the search/social media monoliths have attacked freedom of the press and freedom of religion and no matter how they threaten to render free elections of the future moot events, only a small percentage of the American people have any notion of the existential peril they pose to liberty.

So, I’m going to keep this simple.

Before you come to regret ignoring my cries in the wilderness about what will befall this nation in the next two years if the Google-Facebook-YouTube-Twitter-Amazon-Apple cabal is not reduced to a size small enough to drown in your bathtub, let me share a few points and a few plans.

Anyone who hasn’t noticed the willingness – nay, eagerness – of these companies to squash political dissent probably either approves of it or simply can’t comprehend their darkness, their evil, their hideous malevolence.

Fact: Amazon has acquiesced to the largest government on earth to ban the sale of Bibles inside China. Did you know about that? Does it bother you that one of the highest-ranking leaders of the Democratic Party is lobbying Amazon to ban the sale of other books in the U.S. – so-called “hate speech” as defined by the extremist Trump-haters at the Southern Poverty Law Center?

Fact: Google is also doing the bidding of the Chinese government in another way – selling to the brutes in Beijing the technology they need to make their unique and ruthless blend of communo-fascism more efficient. At the same time, this “American” company has made it clear it will not cooperate any longer with the U.S. military.

Fact: Google and Facebook know more about you than you yourself may know about you – and worse, they are experts at monetizing your data while manipulating your thinking and behavior without you having the slightest inkling.

What would a cartel with that kind of mindset – a godless, socialist, utopian worldview – as well as extraordinary power inevitably do? The answer is to remake the world in its own image. And that is their goal – not 10 years from now, not five, but two. That’s right, they’re ahead of schedule now thanks to the Big Steal of 2020. It’s set for 2022. That’s why Joe Biden, or whoever’s in charge, is working FAST!

Both Google and Facebook are bound by law to be neutral “carriers” of information. Both Google and Facebook actually get financial benefits, monopoly status and tort protection under federal law. Together they control more than 80% of the digital advertising market, which far and away rivals the ad market of all U.S. television stations combined.

For Americans ever to free themselves from the Google-Facebook spell will depend on an awakening. It will have to happen soon or it will be too late – too much will be lost at too great a price. The takeover will be successfully completed if Americans don’t wake up before the next congressional election. I’m serious.

Ask yourself if America is better off now than it was in 2016. Are you thankful for what President Trump accomplished? Today we’re headed in the wrong direction. It could all end very quickly if the opposition party, backed by Google-Facebook, prevails at the polls.

What am I asking?

1. Support the WND News Center, the new tax-exempt nonprofit organization we founded to help carry the WND banner in our battle for survival against the “Speech Code Cartel” of Google, Facebook and others, which are purposely trying to destroy us and the entire independent, alternative media. Your tax-deductible support will help us immensely to weather this storm.

If you prefer to write tax-deductible checks for this purpose, you can make them out to the “WND News Center” and mail them to: WND News Center, 580 E Street – PO Box 100 – Hawthorne, NV 89415-0100. (Please include the complete address because of the rural location.)

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2. The rest of my plan is secret for now. Stay tuned. More on that later.

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