The elites' plan to kill next year's Red Wave

There is great excitement in the MAGA movement this month because the 2021 elections telegraphed that a red tsunami is coming in 2022. However, we should remember that this was the identical sentiment in October of 2020 regarding President Trump’s imminent reelection prospects. Then the Marxists brazenly and blatantly cheated us out of that victory on a scale never before seen in America, and they have ever since been engaged in Soviet-style, culture-wide suppression of that truth to the huge portion of our population still beguiled by their false narratives.

The sheer magnitude of the globalist conspiracy convinces the unawakened that the true facts can’t be true. “How could all those top leaders across all those agencies, companies, industries and organizations all be telling the same lies all the time?”

Welcome to the Satanic cult of Marxism, whose unifying doctrines and dogma surpass that of all other religions, and whose adherents are more fanatical than any other cult in world history. There is nothing they will not do to win, even global genocide, which has actually been on their not-so-secret to-do list ever since Darwin’s nephew Francis Galton launched the Eugenics movement (now called Transhumanism) on the foundation of Malthusianism (population control). It’s all about the elite-orchestrated “self-perfection” of humanity in “sustainable” numbers: no more than 500 million globally, according to the Georgia Guidestones (their laughably pretentious, pot-headed “Stonehenge” monument designed to awe archeologists of the far distant future).

And as of this week we’ve learned their sights are set on injecting the gene-altering, immunity-suppressing, reproductive-organ-attacking “vaccines” to all the world’s babies and toddlers (except, presumably, those whose genes they still want swimming in the post-genocide pool).

Most of the Social Justice Warriors are just useful idiots – dangerous ones – but just as expendable in the elites’ eyes as the rest of us. Indeed, if past Marxist coups are any indication, the SJWs will be among the first killed off when their usefulness is over. The last thing the elites will want is an army of deranged ideologues with a rebellious streak wandering around the new world order looking for trouble. But I digress.

So if you’re on the New World Order steering committee for strategic planning, and you see this red tsunami starting to build offshore, are you going to just sit back and let it happen? No, you’re not. Are you going to trust that your 2020 battle plan will be just as effective as last time, despite the entire MAGA movement swarming around like angry hornets eager to expose all your cheating minions on hidden cameras? No, you’re not. (You’re still going to cheat, but a lot more carefully, and with lower expectations).

So what are you going to do to kill the red wave if you can’t count as much on cheating as in 2020? You’re going to have to buy off the voters like California Gov. Gavin Newsom just did with COVID cash to survive the recall. I believe the Newsom strategy was the dress rehearsal for 2022 in the same way Charlottesville was the dress rehearsal for Jan. 6.

Looming above all of this is the “Great Reset,” which logically implies a great collapse will happen first. Yes, we’ve had some setbacks, but nothing on the order necessary to justify a “great reset” in the minds of the people who will have to accept it (instead of rising up in massive civil unrest).

So, again, if you’re the elites, are you going to wait until the red wave of the 2022 elections to crash the world economy? No, you’re going to crash it big-time this winter, perhaps embellish it with some false-flag domestic terrorism you can blame on the MAGA movement, and then come riding to the rescue in the springtime on your white horse with big bags of money to bail out all the voters (except the unvaccinated, of course).

But where are you going to get all that money? You’re going to ask Gavin’s most trusted adviser, his Aunt Nancy, who just happens to have gotten her hands on a huge mountain of cash with the help of 13 Bush/Romney-owned RINOs in the House of Representatives.

Will the people allow themselves to be bought off? That’s the only wild card in this whole scenario, and the reason I began this article with a discussion about the power of propaganda. No, the hardcore MAGA troops are not going to be bought off, and that includes the unvaccinated who have proven they are willing to suffer hardship for the sake of their principles.

But the less awakened, newly minted populists now chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” because they’re angry about gas prices or foreign policy are probably up for grabs – especially if a part of the Great Collapse, Great Reset package includes a big change for the better in the White House.

What if Biden “strokes out,” Harris appoints Obama as VP before resigning, and John Roberts’ SCOTUS allows it on whatever legal theory they can get away with? There are various scenarios that could occur, but if any new person or team in the White House was seen by the swing voters as a positive step for the country – and that person or team also happened to be the one(s) passing out cash to rescue everyone harmed by the “Biden debacle,” the red wave could turn out to be a lot smaller than people are predicting.

Yes, they’re going to cheat. Yes, they’re going to buy votes with the “infrastructure” slush fund. Maybe they’re going to totally crash the global economy this winter and follow up with a rescue plan in the spring. Maybe the White House will change hands in a way we’ve never seen before.

All I’m saying is that we need to temper our enthusiasm with some realism. Our adversaries have beaten us before, they have no scruples, they hold most of the seats of federal power, they are backed by Big Tech and Big Media, and they now have trillion$ in new spending power to serve their ends. We must not get complacent about 2022, and we must not assume our enemies are going to do the same as they did in 2020. We must prepare for the worst, pray for the best and keep our eyes on the ball.

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