The fear of truth is collapsing America

It’s fear of truth that causes Lucifarian zealots masquerading as the protectors of same to censor and redefine truth. If they were honest, they wouldn’t fear truth or differing opinion.

Only those who are totally corrupt and devoid of truth are determined to censor anything that expresses independent thought and dissenting opinion.

Censoring the truth, censoring personal opinions and attempts to control political discourse ad nauseam, are not the actions of truth-tellers. They are the actions of those who have throughout history feared the revealing of truth, because the free expression and exchange of same will always be the greatest threat to satanic indoctrination.

Start with homosexuality. If said were a normal sexual practice, the instant assault upon anyone who embraces facts over sexual perversion would not take place. Homosexuality is sexual sin, and the Word of God makes clear that refusing to repent and turn away from such practice ensures the most horrific of eternal outcomes.

Instead of, at the very least, allowing for differing opinion, those who embrace biblical truth are called “haters.” This is a satanic enterprise intended to undermine the Word of God. It’s easier to squelch truth when it’s done under the guise of opposing hate. But as a born-again Christian minister, why is it wrong for me to stand on the tenets of my faith in the teaching of the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ?

I’m attacked for being intractable in my opposition to the industrialized systematic extermination of entire generations by abortion. I’m attacked for pointing out the demonic duplicity of actors in maudlin jeremiads begging for money to save abused animals, when these very same people applaud the mass slaughter of babies.

Included in the aforementioned are those women who are called strong and independent. But who dares ask what should be the obvious question: “If these Hollywood women and cable network women are so strong and independent, why was/is it necessary for them to surrender all forms of pride, dignity and self-esteem to sate the sexual appetites of superiors?”

Truly strong and independent women do not submit to rape as a requisite for employment. They employ law enforcement, lawyers and where such is the case their spouses. They employ the Department of Justice for civil rights violations and hostile, super-sexualized work environments. Just how hard would be for these offensive dilettantes to use micro-size hidden cameras etc. to expose violations, instead of waiting decades and then claiming they were afraid of repercussions?

If Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton are such strong women, why was it necessary for Harris to sleep with a phalanx of married men to climb up the political ladder? Why was it necessary for Clinton to suffer a lifetime of public humiliation for the sake of political expediency? How comforting has it been for Clinton to endure a lifetime of public humiliation due to her husband, Bill, a violent sexual predator and serial sexual molester, in her pursuit of the political Holy Grail?

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that many in churchdom are blind to truth as well. Entire denominations ignore what true men of God did in the past. For instance, we are told Asa ruled over Judah and did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. He “took away the sodomites out of the land and that he removed all the idols.” He removed Maachah the queen, who was also his mother, because she worshiped idols. (See 1 Kings 15:11-13 KJV.)

Mention any of these things and you open yourself up to ridicule and condemnation from those who abhor truth.

The reason for their vitriolic attacks on truth, as I said in the beginning, is that they fear it, because truth is kryptonite to lies and those who spread them. Eventually, truth exposes lies and liars for being exactly that.

We cannot be afraid of the truth. It is the truth of Christ that will be our comfort in the remaining time. It’s not politicians and/or self-help books. Unlike at any time in history, America and the world are paralyzed with fear.

Masks, vaccines and social distancing have done nothing to calm the fear. But many doctors and prominent persons in health care worldwide are condemned and their social media accounts are censored because they offer messages of truth that COVID-19 is no worse than seasonal flus.

It’s time we start standing up for truth. The dishonest liars and subverters of our inherent “right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” is under attack in the most obvious and objectionable ways, lest we forget that a sitting leader instituted the horror of Obamacare and a teetering reprobate with dementia is on the verge of stealing an election.

All of this begs answer to the question: Would any of the aforementioned happen in a culture were truth was freely spoken and encouraged?

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